The Top 3 AI Tools Transforming Dental Practices

AI tool to better help your dental practice

Everywhere you look these days, you hear more and more about artificial intelligence–AI. Whether you’re listening to AI voice mashups or playing with AI photo generators, there’s just no getting away from it.

While AI can be fun to play with, smart people are putting AI to use to revolutionize the way that all of us do business. As a dentist, AI can’t do what you do, but it sure can support you in the work you’re doing. Here are a few AI driven tools we’ve found that can save you time and effort while helping to grow your business.


PreVu is an advanced dental treatment simulation software powered by proprietary SmileAI. Cosmetic and reconstructive dentists are no strangers to digital smile design programs, but the game changer here is the super speed. With PreVu, you can create a smile simulation in literally one minute. That means that within 60 seconds of starting the conversation, you can have a simulation to present to a patient chairside– no return visits needed.

The result for you? A proven increase in patient interest and acceptance of high-value and fee-for-service dental treatments. See? PreVu gives everyone something to smile about. Discover how PreVu’s advanced technology boosts case acceptance and patient satisfaction.

Here at NextLevel, we know how important case acceptance is to the success of your practice. This kind of tool is solid gold for helping you to improve case acceptance without feeling like you’re a pushy used car dealer. Check out their free demo to see how you can easily incorporate PreVu into your practice (and reap the rewards!).

Second Opinion

Second Opinion is a real-time AI platform from Pearl that automatically detects conditions in dental x-rays. Basically it operates like a second set of eyes to make sure that you’ve considered everything that appears in your patients’ radiographs. It analyzes x-ray images and delivers results instantly, giving you reliable support in real-time.

Improved clinical consistency? Check. Clearer patient communication? Check. Boosted conversion and patient retention? Check and Check. 


Say a patient comes in, maybe had dental work done abroad, no file, and they need treatment on or near a past dental implant. How can you tell what you’re working with under the hood, so to speak?  Enter Spotimplant.

Spotimplant was developed by a dental surgeon and his computer engineer brother, to help you identify unknown dental implants. You upload an x-ray of the unknown implant, and within hours their AI will compare it to thousands of models and deliver you a detailed identification report. Not only will you know the make and model of the implant, they also provide a guide to compatible prosthetic components and other products, so you have all the information you need to treat your patient.

Final Thoughts

Just like you can’t stop the world from turning, there’s nothing that can stop technology from advancing. The tools I’ve highlighted here are just a glimpse into the future of dentistry, where practitioners like you can use innovative technologies to enhance your diagnostic and treatment capabilities and improve patient experience and retention. 

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