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DE Solutions Lab

Hosted by Dental Economics’ chief editor, Dr. Pam Maragliano-Muniz, get answers to your questions about running the business-side of your practice. With discussions about taxes, bonusing, PPOs, DSOs, and more, you’ll emerge with expert-level business knowledge.

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Elite Provider Track

Hosted by Tanya Dunlap, PhD, Vice President of Perio Protect, this webinar series explores the foundations of successful dental practices and how to build a practice that succeeds financially while elevating the level of patient care.

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Growth Masterclass

Together with Upgrade Dental’s Brian Laskin, NextLevel founder Gary Kadi unpacks practice growth with a special focus on team dynamics, productivity, and more, giving you clear steps and advice on how to master the business-side of your practice.

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Million Dollar Dentistry Masterclass

Take a deep dive into Gary Kadi’s bestselling book Million Dollar Dentistry. Join Gary and Steve Parker with a chapter-by-chapter discussion of the book and how to apply it to your own practice.

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Raising Your Healthy Deserve Level--Paul Sheppard

Gary discusses mindset, achievement, and his book Raise Your Healthy Deserve Level, on Paul Sheppard’s podcast “The Mindset Change”

Addiction and Suicide Prevention in the Dental Community--Dental Economics

NextLevel’s Gary Kadi, Dental Economics’ Dr. Pam Maragliano-Muniz, and Complete Health Airway Group’s Ashley Newton discuss how to help members of the community who are living in silent suffering.

Dentist’s Guide to Selling for the Non-Confrontational--Catapult Education

Gary Kadi and Tanya Dunlap explore a system to increase revenue by avoiding the hard sell, and instead share intelligent things with intelligent patients so they can make intelligent decisions.

3 Things DSOs Don’t Want You To Know--Kyle Francis

Before you jump into a DSO with both feet, learn the 3 things that DSOs don’t want you to know, and discover a different approach to joining forces with like-minded practices in a smart, profitable way.

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