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Achieving Lasting Results Year After Year

Each year of the Leading Dentist curriculum focuses on transforming a different aspect of you, your team, and your practice. Here are real-life examples of how practice owners are successfully applying what they’ve learned at NextLevel to their practices.

Year One

Strengthening teams and implementing the NextLevel business model.

Dr. Rappaport came to NextLevel with a plateaued revenue and a dysfunctional team. She wanted to be able to restart her financial growth and to improve team-wide communication.

We worked with Dr. Rappaport to establish herself as a leader, and to also appoint a team leader within the team. We also helped her understand and apply our world-class, simple-to-understand 5-Step Healthy Patient Blueprint system.

It’s working! As Dr. Rappaport described, “I have taken so much ground as a leader through managing by agreement, and my team leader is blossoming under my guidance to be a great leader in my practice. Aside from that, I have created an inspiring vision and purpose and a great Healthy Mouth Baseline to begin educating our patients on their health and we are using the Blueprint to increase case acceptance.”

In her first year with NextLevel Practice, Dr. Rappaport made a full return on her investment in her first quarter and is continuing to see tremendous growth in herself and her team. We can’t wait to see what year 2 will bring for the Complete Health Dentistry SoCal team!

Year Two

Continuing success, avoiding self-sabotage, and expanding the team.

Drs. A.J. Giesa & Lisa Ciabattoni

Drs. A.J. Giesa & Lisa Ciabattoni

Drs. Giesa and Ciabattoni had moved across the country and purchased an existing practice in Pennsylvania. While they were busy, their office was chaotic, time-consuming, and stressful. They knew they couldn’t continue working this way.

After joining NextLevel’s Leading Dentist program and learning to tame the chaos through management systems in year one, they entered year two ready to expand.

We’ve found that dentists, after a successful year one, often begin to self-sabotage their success. That’s why we’ve designed year two to protect practitioners by building a solid foundation of continued success and sustaining the natural growth momentum.

We helped Drs. Giesa and Ciabattoni continue their success by helping them stay motivated and focused on the right things. To help build on their success, they moved their practice from a cramped 4 operatory location to a beautiful 10 operatory building, expecting to only use a few rooms, with space to grow in the future.

With sustained attention to systems, leadership, and the NextLevel program, at the end of year two, all 10 operatories are being used and the doctors have hired an associate to help them meet demand!

Year Three

Becoming the CEO of your dental enterprise and widening your horizons.

Dr. Foley started her partnership with NextLevel Practice looking to grow and focus on patient education about the oral-systemic connection. Through years 1 and 2, we helped her face some of her immediate challenges: getting the right people in the right places doing the right things, implementing a strong system to hold the team accountable, and creating a vision and purpose for her practice. She and her team worked hard to deliver superior care to their patients.

Dr. Foley had immediate success and saw a growth of over 50% in the first year alone. Entering year 3, she now has the foundation she needs to really become the CEO of her practice. With management and team cohesion under her belt, Dr. Foley can now look to spread her influence beyond the walls of her dental office. She is on a mission to get her patients healthy and improve their lives from the start.

Dr. Foley and her team created the Foley Family Health Challenge, inviting their community to join the team in pursuing complete health by consuming at least 80oz of water per day and tracking it with an accountability buddy. We’re thrilled to see the success that Dr. Foley has unlocked and her commitment to bettering her community. We know that now she and her team are united and can persevere through any challenge together.

Beyond Year Three

Continuing support to ensure a strong foundation and address changing needs.

When Dr. McDonald started with NextLevel Practice, she was looking for support in managing her office effectively and finding work/life balance. As a self-proclaimed workaholic, she frequently felt overworked, overstressed, and was starting to not enjoy work and life.

Through the 3-year Leading Dentist program, we helped Dr. McDonald implement NextLevel’s curriculum, strengthen her team, and employ work-saving systems and processes. But we especially focused on leadership and how Dr. McDonald could grow into the best leader she could be.

After completing the program, Dr. McDonald knew she needed to stay accountable, so continued to work with us. She explained: “I need to constantly work with and be around others that help keep me accountable. The coaching that NextLevel provides helps keep me leading in a way that I am not naturally able to do alone. I have a healthier leadership style when I have strong coaches and interact with them regularly. The training and coaching are also instrumental in getting my team on board and functioning in a healthy manner.”

We love working with Dr. McDonald and any other doctors who need ongoing support. Our goal is to help you keep growing and building indefinitely! Dr. McDonald is a great example– when she started working with NextLevel, her practice grossed under $900K. Now she’s grossing $1.4M a year… and growing!

Meet More NextLevel Practitioners

NextLevel Ambassadors are experienced professionals who have worked with NextLevel to grow their practices.
They reflect our core values, share our beliefs about the dental industry, and practice what they preach.

“This is exactly what we were looking for.”

Dr. Michael Fair & Dr. Hetal Vaidya
Upper Arlington, OH

“We’re going to affect so many more lives.”

Dr. Jeff Allred
San Marcos, CA

“I can dream again.”

Dr. Alexis Glaser
Pembroke Pines, FL

“I’m coming to work happy.”

Dr. Jason Lewis & Traci Lewis
Jacksonville, FL

“We’re taking care of patients in a better way.”

Dr. Rebecca Barnes
Richfield, OH

“The confidence to be the doctor and leader I wanted to be.”

Dr. David Vocal
Brunswick, ME

Smiles All Around

Andi Moore
“NextLevel Practice is the very best coaching group in the industry. They have systems in place that will rock your dental world. I have not only achieved professional growth and success, I’ve also achieved personal growth and success. They are life changers!!!”
Andi Moore
Del Sur Ranch Dental – San Diego, CA
Holger Dental Group
“NextLevel has given us the tools to communicate better with each other and our patients. The coaching provided the team is outstanding and has helped us to implement the triple win philosophy for our practice – the team wins, the patients win, and the practice wins!”

Dr. Holger Meiser
Holger Dental Group – Minnetonka, MN

Sally Jean Allen
“Both my professional and personal life have been dramatically transformed since becoming a part of the Next Level Team. I feel fully supported to accomplish my goals.”
Sally Jean Allen
Fulbright Cosmetic and Reconstructive Dentistry – Redondo Beach, CA
Michelle DeFelice Hucke
“NextLevel is more than a consulting experience. It gives you the tools as a business owner to manage like a CEO with enduring agreements that give you the freedom to be the best dentist, wife, mother you can be.”

Dr. Michelle DeFelice Hucke
Jax Beaches Family Dentistry – Saint Augustine, FL


We are honored and grateful for the awards and recognition we have received over the years from organizations such as Inc Magazine, Dentistry Today, the American Academy of Oral Systemic Health, and others. We are most proud of the 1 billion dollars in revenue, 50,000 more vacation weeks and over 10 million healthier patients we’ve achieved with the practices we have worked with globally.

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