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Million Dollar Dentistry-the Podcast is a discussion with Gary Kadi about his proven methodology and how he transforms not just the dental practices he works with but the lives of the dentists and members of their teams. When teams are aligned with Vision, Purpose, and Values in the Complete Health Dentistry model, happy teams with sustainable results are created. Gary discusses not only the proven methodology from his popular book but current trends, events and issues that arise in running a successful practice. Along for the ride, Amber Keithley keeps Gary on track to share his years of knowledge and wisdom.

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Gary Kadi and Amber Keithley are excited to collaborate together on The Million Dollar Dentistry Podcast and share their 50+ years of collective experience, expertise, and wisdom. Get ready to be educated and entertained by this dynamic duo!

Gary Kadi is the visionary voice of NextLevel as a featured Educator and Advocate for Dentistry, Dentists, and Dental Teams. For the past 20 years, Gary has served the whole of the dental community around the world, from patients and practitioners to support staff, researchers, and representatives.

As a speaker, author, and researcher, Gary interrupts the status quo, shares discoveries and interests, and re-energizes audiences far beyond helping dentists implement systems and raise profit margins. He is inspired every day by the courage and personal successes of dentists and team members with whom he has the privilege of working and getting to know.

Amber Keithley is a Coach with NextLevel Practice. She grew up in a dental lab and spent her childhood watching her father create appliances for the dental community. She has been a stand for complete health her entire career while supporting the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health of her clients. She maintained a successful private practice for more than 25 years and taught massage therapy ethics for 10 years. She has consulted extensively on the connection of diet and inflammation and believes the key to health lies in reducing inflammation from our bodies.

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Whether you’re a Baby Boomer or a Millennial, you’ll learn the most effective ways to bridge that gap and give your team, yourself & your patients the ultimate dental experience. Finally, be able to find a methodology and roadmap for financial freedom and a sensible work-life balance, while practicing Complete Health.

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