Client Education

Training When and Where You Want It

Online, on-demand learning to get you (and your entire team!) up and running.




You Deserve Better

It’s no secret–dental school and even other practice consultants have failed you.

While you graduated school with expert clinical knowledge, you left vastly unprepared to establish, run, and manage a small business. And those other consultants? They’re in and out in a matter of days, leaving you with a long list of who to fire and a binder of things you barely understand, let alone can train your team to do.

There is a better way.

Abundents University–NextLevel Practice’s online training system–was designed to give you clear, hands-on instruction with interactive modules not just for you, but for your entire team. And with full access to our vault of knowledge, you can get answers to your questions 24/7/365.

Combined with NextLevel’s expert coaches, you’ll have the support and training you need to build the thriving, growing practice you’ve always wanted.

This is What Full Buy-in Looks Like

We know that getting your team to implement new ideas can feel nearly impossible. That’s why we do training differently.

Reward Engagement

We’ve learned that for a team to embrace new ideas, they’ve got to have real, personal buy-in. That’s why we help you implement a bonus system that rewards engagement and implementation. You’ll be amazed at their excitement and participation!

Remove Barriers

Role playing is crucial to implementing new systems and processes, but team members avoid it because they feel embarrassed. We leverage technology to help them enjoy the benefits of practice and feedback without feeling put on the spot.

Train Everyone

Lots of training focuses just on the doctor and expects them to teach everyone else. Our system gives focused training to each individual on their team, not just showing them how to work, but explaining why they are so vital to the entire team’s success.

Ongoing Support

Worried what a new team member would do after everyone else is already trained? Our new team member portal accelerates their training and brings them online quickly so they can support your practice’s goals as soon as they start.

Lasting Change is at Your Fingertips

From courses to chats, we’ve got everything you need to take your practice to the next level.

Short on time? Work at your pace through our fun, easy-to-implement modules. Watch videos in line at the DMV, take a quiz while you’re waiting for lunch, or listen while you’re on a jog.

Got a problem right now? Our entire database is in the palm of your hand! Use the search feature to get proven answers to your questions.

Feel alone? Access our dedicated community chats to connect with peers, ask questions, and find advocates.

Want to get pumped up? Join in our live, virtual trainings every week and bring your team to our virtual and in-person events for laughs, team building, and inspiration.

Not sure the team is doing it? Our accountable learning system means you track the engagement and progress of your team members.

Putting it off? Your coach will keep you accountable with feedback and instruction on all of your assignments.

KPIs make you woozy? Our powerful dashboard will help you keep track of your financial and performance numbers so you can meet your goals.

Get Learning. Get Growing.

Abundents University was built to get you the knowledge you need.