Elevate Your Dental Practice with NextLevel Practice: ASDA Interviews Gary Kadi


Are you a dental professional looking to transform your practice into a thriving, patient-centered, and financially successful venture? NextLevel Practice founder, Gary Kadi, was recently interviewed for Contour, the American Student Dental Association (ASDA) magazine giving advice to new dentists and gave answers to just those questions. Here’s a quick recap of their conversation: 

What is NextLevel Practice?

NextLevel Practice is a coaching and consulting firm that has positively impacted over 6,000 practices in North America for dental practice owners and their teams. Being a successful practice owner involves much more than being a clinically proficient dentist. Dental practices are, at their core, small businesses. This means that in addition to providing chairside dental care, practice owners must take on multiple business roles. Dental schools excel at teaching clinical skills but fall short in preparing students for the multifaceted responsibilities of running a successful practice.

NextLevel Practice’s coaching program steps in to empower dentists to master the business side of their practice, help them build successful teams, elevate patient care, and embrace their role as healthcare leaders. The customized coaching offered here assists dentists in setting and achieving their goals, fostering personal, financial, and professional success.

Tell us about your book, Million Dollar Dentistry

Million Dollar Dentistry challenges the traditional model of dentistry, which often focuses on procedures like drilling, filling, and billing. This outdated approach no longer aligns with what modern patients expect, and it underutilizes the potential of dental practices. The book provides insights into the essential components that a modern, successful private practice needs to thrive.

Crucially, the book dispels the myth that dental practice owners must shoulder the entire burden of their business. Success is a team effort, and “Million Dollar Dentistry” guides readers on how to build a motivated, united team that shares in the practice’s success, reducing the owner’s workload.

What is the benefit of learning business skills early in your career?

Understanding the business side of a practice will save practice owners time, stress, and potentially millions in lost revenue. By gaining business knowledge early in their careers, dentists can avoid costly trial-and-error phases, pay down debt faster, and prevent team drama. On a wider scale, a strong foundation in business helps give them the time and space to become trusted leaders in their communities, scale their businesses, and serve as mentors in their field.

How can dentists engage with Next Level Practice?

After you finish reading Million Dollar Dentistry try out my book on mindset, Raise Your Healthy Deserve Level. No matter what state you are in your career, you can reach out to NextLevel Practice for guidance. Whether you’re looking to buy a practice, optimize your current practice, or are ready to sell to a DSO, NextLevel Practice can provide training for you and your new team, help you add systems and processes to optimize your growth, and even consult on valuation and contracts. No matter your goals, NextLevel Practice is ready to help you reach the next level of success.

Be sure to check out the full interview in Contour. If you’re ready to make headway in your practice and career, schedule a free call to learn how NextLevel can help you not just achieve your goals, but exceed them.