Teaming Up to Elevate Dentistry

NextLevel Practice is proud to collaborate with businesses that share our vision to help dentists become better practitioners and business owners.

Patient Engagement

Cosmetic simulation and smile design software.

PreVu® cosmetic simulation and smile design software is a quick and easy tool that gets patients interested in cosmetic dentistry, including dental veneers, dental implants, orthodontics, teeth whitening and more. PreVu allows patients to envision themselves with their new smile, which motivates them to accept the case and to schedule their dentistry sooner.

Dentist with iPad in his hand

The world’s leading print and digital practice management journal for the dental profession.

In print since 1910, Dental Economics has a rich history of helping dentists treat their patients more effectively and helping dental practice owners grow their businesses. With topics relevant to dentists in every stage of their career, from business advice to the oral-systemic connection, Dental Economics offers real-world instruction and support for dentists everywhere.

Check out the Dental Economics Solution Lab–NextLevel founder Gary Kadi and Dental Economics Editor-in-Chief Pam Maragliano-Muniz meet monthly to discuss the latest topics in dentistry.

Complete Health Solutions

Optimize patient blood flow for whole body health

There are 60,000 miles of blood vessels in the human body, and the blood flow they provide is essential for getting life-giving oxygen and nutrients to every organ, tissue, and cell. When blood flow is optimized, patients feel and function well. But issues like chronic inflammation, disease, and the aging process all lead to suboptimal blood flow – increasing symptoms and disease in the mouth, brain, and body.  

Backed by scientific and clinical data, Berkeley Life provides powerful supplement protocols to address the oral microbiome dysbiosis and nitric oxide deficiencies that impair blood flow. Our simple process to assess and treat the foundations of healthy blood flow allows you to be a leader in the industry by implementing effective chairside and at-home solutions to address the root of common health challenges. 

Whole body health begins with restoring healthy blood flow. Let us show you how. 

Dentist examining patient's teeth

Minimally invasive tray therapy for periodontal disease.

Originally invented to help his mother avoid surgery for her periodontal disease, Dr. Duane Keller’s patented trays deliver medicine straight to the gums in a highly effective, yet non-invasive way. With just two at-home treatments a day, patients can vastly improve their oral and overall health.

Check out the Elite Provider Track webinar series hosted by NextLevel founder Gary Kadi and PerioProtect Managing Director Tanya Dunlap.

Financial Solutions

Patient paying for dental services

Seamless financing for patients.

Designed to give patients a flexible, easy way to pay for the healthcare procedures they need, CareCredit enables patients to accept their case recommendations while guaranteeing that you’ll get paid what you deserve. 76% of dental providers who accept CareCredit agree that they collect payments faster than without it.
Doctor talking to patient

Financial planning and wealth management for entrepreneurs.

As a fiduciary specializing in helping entrepreneurs protect and grow their wealth, founder Jim Dew is committed to helping dentists not just achieve financial freedom, but to build true wealth. Acting as a family office, Dew Wealth Management helps entrepreneurs get the most out of their wealth so they can focus on living life on their own terms.

Check out NextLevel’s ebook–Wealth Mastery Made Simple for Dentists–based on a webinar series hosted by NextLevel founder Gary Kadi and Dew Wealth Management founder Jim Dew.

Person calculating taxes

Supporting dental offices’ tax, accounting, and transition needs.

As a practice management group that includes CPAs, tax specialists and management consultants, Synergy Consultants and CPAs assists with everything from taxes to budgeting to practice acquisitions and more to ensure a stronger financial future for you, your dental practice, family and employees.


Dental team smiling in camera

The premier dental talent marketplace.

Cloud Dentistry’s online platform connects dentists who need to fill open positions (permanently or temporarily) with local, qualified hygienists, dental assistants, front office members, dentists, and specialists. With a low-cost monthly membership, dentists looking to hire have access to Cloud’s searchable database of verified professionals, with the option to immediately book temp hours or post full-time jobs.

Check out NextLevel founder Gary Kadi’s conversation with Cloud Dentistry co-founder and CEO Trey Tepichin.


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Expanding dental practices’ marketing capacity.

Moxie Tonic understands that dentists need to consistently and effectively attract new patients while also retaining their current patient base. As a Storybrand Certified Agency, Moxie helps dentists solidify their brand, create unified and unique messaging, optimize their website, as well as create and implement an effective digital marketing strategy.