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Now that you’ve worked with NextLevel and seen the incredible results that come with Complete Health Dentistry and the Leading Dentist curriculum, you understand why it’s so important to share this life- and practice-changing knowledge with others.

We invite you to become a NextLevel Ambassador–an experienced professional who reflects our core values, shares our beliefs about the dental industry, and practices what they preach.

Medical service teamwork - Doctor, surgeon and nurse join hands together.

Changing Dentistry One Practice at a Time

Make a real and lasting change in the lives of your friends and colleagues.

Increase Your Influence

When you share your NextLevel experience with other dentists, you extend your influence beyond the boundaries of your personal practice.

Be an Example

You are a beacon of hope! When other dentists see and hear your story, you give them the chance to believe in themselves and take charge of their destiny.

Revolutionize Health

Together with our partners, you can help us meet our goal to get 1 billion people healthier by 2030.

Happier Life

Becoming a NextLevel Ambassador is easy


Find a Dentist

Know someone who would benefit from NextLevel’s expert coaching? Think of colleagues, dental school friends, or social media network connections. Their location doesn’t matter–we serve dentists anywhere across the country.



Fill out the form below with as much information about your friend as possible.


Tell Your Story

Tell your friend about your NextLevel experience and why you think they’d be a good fit for our program.

Go the extra mile:
After telling your story, follow up with them to make sure they’ve scheduled their free consultation.

Ambassador Extras

We value your partnership! As a special thank you for helping us with our mission, we offer the following benefits:

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Financial Credit

When you refer your colleague to NextLevel’s Launch Program and they become a member of the Complete Health community, you will get a $10,000 credit toward your future purchase of NextLevel’s Leading Dentist Program.

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Cash Rewards

For every referral who becomes an NextLevel Leading Dentist Program client, we’ll give you $2400! (Half when they sign their contract, and half after they complete their first year.)

There’s no limit on this reward–if 10 of your referrals become NextLevel clients, you’d earn $24,000.

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Free NextLevel Site visit

When two of your referrals become NextLevel Leading Dentist Program clients, we’ll give you a coveted NextLevel site visit!

This unique experience will give you an in-depth examination of your business from one of our highly-trained coaches and give you laser-focused, actionable advice on how to help you take your practice to the next level.

Ambassador Status

As you continue to refer your friends and colleagues to NextLevel, you’ll join our growing ranks of NextLevel Ambassadors–and continue to earn valuable benefits.

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We value your partnership! Please fill out the form below to get started.