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Kit Includes:


Fast and easy video training


Printable document to use with every patient

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You Don’t Always Need More Patients

Healthy Mouth Baseline is the secret to higher case acceptance from your current patient base.

Most dentists think the solution to growing their practice is to get more patients coming in through the door. But at NextLevel Practice, we’ve learned that the easiest, most consistent way to grow is not to waste money on getting new patients to come in once or twice–it’s to tap into the resource you already have: your current patient base.

That’s why we created the Healthy Mouth Baseline Kit – to help your patients bridge the gap between needing and wanting treatment.

The Healthy Mouth Baseline Kit has everything you need to establish a new standard of care so your patients can understand the WHY behind the treatment and accept care more consistently, more often.

Make a Connection

The Healthy Mouth Baseline concretely shows your patients the negative effects ignoring their oral health will have on their entire body.

Establish a Baseline

When your patients can see how far they are from a truly healthy mouth, their motivation for treatment soars.

No More "Watching and Waiting"

Stop the “it doesn’t hurt so I don’t need it fixed” mentality in its tracks with a clear representation of why proactive treatment matters.

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What you’ll get:

Healthy Mouth Baseline Printable

Newly-Designed Healthy Mouth Baseline Document

Firmly placing your dental patient at the center of their care, this powerful document will help you show your patient how the issues in their mouth if left untreated, can lead to chronic health conditions that affect all parts of their body.

Healthy Mouth Baseline Video

Quick and Easy Hygienist Training Video

What good is a new document if you don’t know how to use it? Our training video will help you and your hygienist understand how to implement the Healthy Mouth Baseline into every dental appointment so it can become an effective case-acceptance tool.

Dental Hygienists:
The Not-So Secret Weapon

Discover how the right tools in the hands of the right people make all the difference.

Learn how your team of Registered Dental Hygienists is the key to boosting case acceptance.

Stronger Teams


Hygienists see patients the most often, and for the longest period. Who better to help patients understand the whys behind their needed treatments?

Medical professionals smiling


With a solid, standardized tool for tracking progress, hygienists can help inspire and excite their patients to progress in their oral health.

Hygienist with patient sitting in chair


By giving your hygiene team the responsibilities and recognition they deserve, you’ll help them step into the empowered role they crave.

Healthy Mouth Baseline Video and PDF

Don’t let this tool gather dust

How many times have you found the “perfect” tool for your practice, only for it to lay around unused? The key to success is education.

Just like you can increase case acceptance by educating your patients, you need to educate your team for your new tools to work.

Enter NextLevel Practice’s Healthy Mouth Baseline Kit.

We understand the importance of education. That’s why our kit doesn’t just include a document, but complete, quick training on how to use it.

It’s a simple idea, but powerful.

Educate your team so you can educate your patients.

Download The #1 Tool to Grow Your Practice Exponentially

Use the Healthy Mouth Baseline Kit to grow your practice while helping your patients achieve lasting wellness.