The Missing Link: Integrating Key Supplements for Complete Dental Care

Dental Supplement

As a dentist, you’re well aware of the crucial role nutrition plays in maintaining optimal oral health. But you’re a dentist, not a dietician – what can you do to influence what goes in your patients’ bodies? More and more dentists are discovering that by incorporating discussion of key supplements into their dental visits, they […]

Why Would a Dentist Need a Coach?

Dental Business Coaching

We’re gonna call it like we see it: dentists get a raw deal. They spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a clinical education–they graduate with excellent knowledge about how to be a dentist and help patients achieve optimal oral health. But where that raw deal comes in is when dentists achieve the dream […]

Partner Spotlight: Dr. Nicole Beurkens, CEO of Berkeley Life

Dr. Nicole Beurkens

Here at NextLevel we love to partner with like-minded companies that can help us deliver financial value to our clients and provide solutions that support complete health dentistry. In Berkeley Life, we’ve found both! As you will soon learn in our webinar with Dr. Nicole Beurkens launching in September, Nitric Oxide supplements are an ideal […]

Top 3 Supplements for Dentistry

Dental Consultation

When you got into dentistry, did you know that you were signing up to be a healthcare hero? Let’s face it: dentists are the most often seen healthcare practitioners in their patient’s lives. That makes you their frontline provider, with the unspoken responsibility for looking after their whole body health. Luckily, the connection between your […]

The Value of Using NextLevel’s EBITDA Quiz

Dental Business

If you’re planning to sell your practice, looking into joining a DSO, or just wondering how well your business is running, then NextLevel’s EBITDA quiz is a priceless tool. Not only can it determine your current profitability margin, you can also use it to determine what you can do to up your game and meet […]

5 Reasons Why Good Reviews Are Essential for Your Dental Practice

Good reviews online

In the dynamic world of dentistry, where patient trust and satisfaction are paramount, establishing a positive online presence is crucial for the growth and success of your practice. One powerful tool that can significantly impact your practice’s reputation is positive online reviews. Let’s explore five compelling reasons why cultivating good reviews is essential for the […]

From Revenue to EBITDA: Elevate Your Dental Practice Prosperity!

From Revenue to EBITDA

Owning a dental practice requires more than just clinical expertise; it demands a keen understanding of financial management. In a recent webinar, NextLevel Founder, Gary Kadi, spoke with Dr Pamela M. Maragliano-Muniz, chief editor of Dental Economics, discussing financial metrics and strategies tailored specifically for dentists and their practices. Let’s explore some of their key […]

The Top 3 AI Tools Transforming Dental Practices

AI tool to better help your dental practice

Everywhere you look these days, you hear more and more about artificial intelligence–AI. Whether you’re listening to AI voice mashups or playing with AI photo generators, there’s just no getting away from it. While AI can be fun to play with, smart people are putting AI to use to revolutionize the way that all of […]

Elevate Your Dental Practice with NextLevel Practice: ASDA Interviews Gary Kadi


Are you a dental professional looking to transform your practice into a thriving, patient-centered, and financially successful venture? NextLevel Practice founder, Gary Kadi, was recently interviewed for Contour, the American Student Dental Association (ASDA) magazine giving advice to new dentists and gave answers to just those questions. Here’s a quick recap of their conversation:  What […]

Building Generational Wealth: A Blueprint for Dental Professionals


In the dynamic world of dental practice management, the pursuit of success goes beyond clinical expertise. While mastering the art of dentistry is paramount, dental professionals must also navigate the complexities of financial management to secure their legacy and build generational wealth. Let’s explore the principles and strategies that can empower dental practitioners to create […]