From Revenue to EBITDA: Elevate Your Dental Practice Prosperity!

From Revenue to EBITDA

Owning a dental practice requires more than just clinical expertise; it demands a keen understanding of financial management. In a recent webinar, NextLevel Founder, Gary Kadi, spoke with Dr Pamela M. Maragliano-Muniz, chief editor of Dental Economics, discussing financial metrics and strategies tailored specifically for dentists and their practices. Let’s explore some of their key […]

The Top 3 AI Tools Transforming Dental Practices

AI tool to better help your dental practice

Everywhere you look these days, you hear more and more about artificial intelligence–AI. Whether you’re listening to AI voice mashups or playing with AI photo generators, there’s just no getting away from it. While AI can be fun to play with, smart people are putting AI to use to revolutionize the way that all of […]

Elevate Your Dental Practice with NextLevel Practice: ASDA Interviews Gary Kadi


Are you a dental professional looking to transform your practice into a thriving, patient-centered, and financially successful venture? NextLevel Practice founder, Gary Kadi, was recently interviewed for Contour, the American Student Dental Association (ASDA) magazine giving advice to new dentists and gave answers to just those questions. Here’s a quick recap of their conversation:  What […]

Building Generational Wealth: A Blueprint for Dental Professionals


In the dynamic world of dental practice management, the pursuit of success goes beyond clinical expertise. While mastering the art of dentistry is paramount, dental professionals must also navigate the complexities of financial management to secure their legacy and build generational wealth. Let’s explore the principles and strategies that can empower dental practitioners to create […]

Strengthening Dental Practices: The Power of Like-Minded Communities

Dental Team

In the dynamic landscape of dental practice management, the importance of collaboration and shared knowledge cannot be overstated. One of the key avenues for achieving this synergy is through like-minded dental practice communities. At NextLevel Practice, we understand the transformative impact these communities can have on the financial health and overall success of dental practices. […]

Why NextLevel Practice Works


Do you remember the story of Sisyphus? After cheating death not once, but twice, he was condemned to an eternal punishment. He was tasked with rolling a rock to the top of a mountain, but just inches from the top, the rock would roll back down to the bottom. It was an endless cycle of […]

The Untapped Potential of Peer-to-Peer Coaching


3 reasons why community is so important for dentists Have you ever felt alone and stuck in your dental practice? There are more than 185,000 dental practices in the U.S., yet it can be hard to connect to other practice owners in a real way–one where you can share your problems and learn from each […]

Clinical Autonomy and DSOs–They Don’t Have to Be Mutually Exclusive!


So you’re thinking about selling your practice to a DSO. While now is the perfect time to start negotiations, let’s talk about the huge elephant in the room–clinical autonomy. It’s likely you’ve heard horror stories about dentists working for DSOs that have been forced to tow the DSOs treatment line–even when it crosses into unethical […]

5 Ways Expert Dental Coaching from NextLevel Practice Can Transform Your Dental Practice

Dental Practice

Managing a dental practice successfully in today’s competitive healthcare landscape requires not only exceptional clinical skills but also effective business acumen. Unfortunately, “business acumen” likely wasn’t a class in most dental school programs, leaving dentists unprepared to successfully run a small business. That’s why we offer dental coaching here at NextLevel Practice–to help you round […]

Unlocking Dental Practice Success: Understanding EBITDA and DSO Benefits

Understanding EBITDA and DSO Benefits

Gary Kadi has observed firsthand the aversion many of his colleagues have to financial matters. Words like P&L and KPI can send even the most financially savvy dentist into a panic. The truth is, dental school didn’t equip our industry with the skills to navigate the business side of our practices, making the financial aspects […]