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Don’t Leave Money on the Table

Selling to a DSO is a big decision.

If you don’t get everything right, you could lose a significant amount of money and irrevocably affect your independence and office culture. Our second opinion service will take a deep dive into your proposed offer to make sure you get exactly what you want…and nothing that you don’t.

Protect Your Practice

Small oversights now compound into big problems later.
We’ll help you avoid problems today and in the future.

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Thorough Analysis

Not fluent in legalese? No worries! Our experts in practice management and consolidation services know just what to look for.
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Identify Predatory Policies

What might not seem like a big deal on paper can translate into huge problems in real life. We’ll identify potentially dangerous clauses.
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Save Thousands

Ensure you get what your practice is actually worth. We’ll review your valuation and make sure you’re getting a fair offer.

What’s Included in the NextLevel 2nd Opinion

Everything you need to feel safe and confident before signing on the dotted line.

Culture Review

Preserve the office culture you’ve worked so hard to build.

Financial Review

Maximize your financial return from the agreement.

Independence Review

Maintain your role as the office leader.

Red-Flag Review

Safeguard against potentially harmful agreements.

One-on-One Findings Session

Go over your 2nd opinion in a private session with an expert NextLevel Practice coach.

Business Review

The Time is Now

We estimate 15-20% of the private practices in the country will consolidate in the next three years. We’ll help you get the best deal possible in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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For just $1495

Ready to Start Your Next Chapter on the Right Foot?

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An EBITDA calculator is important because it illustrates the practice’s value to potential investors and purchasers, creating a picture of the company’s growth prospects.

Pull out last year’s Profit and Loss statement (P&L) and fill in the following categories: