Qualify for a DSO, Even if You’ve Been Turned Down Before

Ramp up your numbers and breeze through DSO qualifications with NextLevel’s Profitability Foundations Program.

Increase Your EBITDA

Prepare Your Team

Meet Your DSO Goals

Qualifying to Join a DSO is Tough, but Not Impossible

You’ve been through it before, so you know how tough DSO qualification standards are.

But just because you didn’t make it through last time doesn’t mean your chances are over.

Our Profitability Foundations Program is designed to help you improve profitability and transform your practice into a top performer that DSOs would love to acquire.

Let’s work together to check the boxes so your practice can fly through qualifications and sell for top dollar.

The Support You Need to Meet Your Goals

You know what you want. We’ll help you get there.

Connect with Us

Tell us about your past experiences and what stood in your way.

Work with an Expert

We run a DSO ourselves, so we know exactly what you need to improve.

Next One’s a Charm

Apply again with confidence and know that you’ve got what it takes to qualify.

Why Get a Coach When You Want to Sell?

If you want to get ready fast, you need someone who knows exactly what to do.

After forming our own DSO group, we learned first-hand just what it takes for dental practices to qualify for membership. Frustrated that low EBITDA forced us to turn away otherwise amazing practices, we turned to our proven coaching program for help.

The Profitability Foundations Program is designed to strengthen your practice with targeted coaching to improve your numbers, tighten up your internal processes, and prepare your associates and staff so they become financially viable for a DSO.

We’re not trying to rope you into endless years of coaching. We know the window of opportunity for joining a DSO is closing, so we’re committed to helping you optimize your practice ASAP so you can get back out on the market, stronger than ever.

“Next Level transformed our practice. They truly have mastered the “triple win” (better health for our patients, greater profitability for our practice, more financial success for our team).”
Bronwyn Hagan, DDS
Fitzsimmons and Hagan Dentistry, Maspeth, NY

What You’ll Get

Using courses, software, live events, and customized coaching, the Profitability Foundations Program will help practices ramp up their profitability.



With on-demand courses designed for every member of the team, practices will learn step-by-step how to increase profitability by working together for a common goal.

Live Virtual Sessions

Monthly sessions led by NextLevel Coaches encourage peer-to-peer learning and development with a deep dive into a topic and how to implement it.

Curriculum Library

Each practice will have full access to our additional courses and topics so they can expand team training and personal development.



With a complete operations manual, on-demand training videos, and assessments, they’ll get the training they need in our proven business model


Practices can track key performance indicators with our behavior dashboard and get expert feedback on their skills demonstrations.


From generating a marketing plan to getting help with hiring or dealing with PPOs, our software is full of templates and resources for helping practices work smarter.


Management Coaching

These sessions help the team leader become a powerful source of support for the practice owner and an advocate for the team.

Team Coaching

These team sessions will help everyone in their journey of implementing new systems and overcoming barriers.

On-demand Coaching

When practices have questions and concerns that come up outside of our sessions, they can always get on-call live support.

Put in the Work Now to Reap the Rewards

Let’s work together to make your practice irresistible to DSOs.