About Us

It’s not just about a great living. It’s about a great life.

If you left your dental school graduation full of ideas about helping patients and living a life of respect and success, only to find yourself trapped in a never-ending cycle of business worries, you are not alone.

It’s wrong to pay a small fortune for a dental degree and leave without the know-how you need to run a business that enables you to not only help people but also to enjoy your own life.

At NextLevel Coaching, we get it.

There is a better way. For more than 20 years, we’ve helped 6,000 practices just like yours embrace and implement a new way to practice dentistry. Through expert coaching on how to implement our proven, unique business model, we’ve seen dentist after dentist find the satisfaction they were dreaming of on graduation day.

We are committed to helping you build your practice on a foundation of integrity and empowerment so you can form a cohesive team, employ powerful automations, and educate your patients on your important role in helping them achieve Complete Health.

Find the Potential

There is hidden revenue in your practice, and you don’t have to see new patients to find it.

Dig in With a Coach

Our proven strategies will help you implement a simple, predictable business model that takes you to (you guessed it) the next level.

Total Transformation

Revolutionize your practice and your life. You deserve to spend more time with your patients, your family and your hobbies.

You deserve a practice that allows you to focus on what’s really important—dentistry that gets patients healthier and the time and means to enjoy your own life. We’ll help you transform your practice so you can live your life to the fullest.
michael rudoph
“Our projections were declining, there were inconsistent patient results, and our staff just wasn’t a team. Now our patients are healthier, our team is much more cohesive, and there’s enough money left over now to pay down debt, upgrade the practice, and to move toward financial independence.”

Dr. Michael Rudolph
East Center Dental, Warsaw, IN

Meet Our Team

Gary Kadi

Chief Executive Officer & Founder  |  New York, NY

Gary has worked to empower dentists for more than 20 years. After watching a movie that poked fun at dentists, Gary discovered his life’s mission: altering America’s health by transforming the way the public relates to dentistry.

Gary realized that dentists rely on a broken business model that focuses on attracting new patients instead of engaging and educating current ones. After years of studying the recurring challenges that dentists face (team dynamics, finances, high patient turnover, etc), he created NextLevel Practice and the Complete Health Dentistry model.

He is inspired every day by the courage and personal successes of dentists and their teams, and his goal is to help create practices where teams embrace and implement change, patients respect their treatment regiments, and doctors enjoy practicing.

Our Coaches

Nicolle Medina

New York, NY

An experienced personal development coach, Nicolle joined NextLevel Practice because of their transformational approach to growth and development. She is passionate about serving others, and the extraordinary results that are possible through NextLevel’s methodology. Nicolle strives to create a connection and improve the lives of the people she works with.

Nicolle loves spending time in the outdoors and practicing meditation for mindfulness and well-being.

Micky Chorny

Micky Chorny

New York, NY

Micky began her coaching journey in transformative education, where she found her calling as a professional coach. She was attracted to NextLevel Practice because of their transformative approach to business and dentistry, and is thrilled to help dentists live their most fulfilling lives with thriving teams and businesses.

Micky studied musical theatre in college–you should hear her on karaoke night!

Kendall Hussein

Vancouver, BC

With more than 18 years of experience in dental administration and management, Kendall is thrilled to be part of a team that empowers the best healthcare providers and teams in the dental industry to live their most fulfilling lives. She is passionate about the Complete Health program and the link between oral hygiene and systemic diseases.

Kendall has 3 children and teaches weekly fitness classes in her native Vancouver.

Kelli Lipthrott

St. Augustine, FL

Prior to joining NextLevel Practice, Kelli began her career in Dental Hygiene. Over the years, she has expanded her knowledge and skills within most roles of the dental practice, while furthering her education along the way. She eventually pursued her passion for helping dentists and their teams through her roles as a Dental Compliance Consultant, Startup Practice Advisor, and within multi-practice management and training.  Kelli has been helping dentists achieve their dreams, restore order and with practice compliance needs, with excitement and compassion for many years.

When she is not working, Kelli enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and Golden Retrievers, somewhere in the water. She also enjoys reading, boating, working on projects around the house, and enjoying the Florida sunshine.

James DeLuca

Gallipolis, Ohio

James is a former business owner with over a decade of leadership experience. He brings a diverse dental operations background from leading teams as an office manager to helping dentists grow a single practice to multiple practices. His passion for personal growth, empowerment, and complete health dentistry made him a natural fit for NextLevel.

James and his wife have 2 children, as well as 2 cats and a dog. He enjoys home improvement projects, permaculture, and sports.

ann nguyen
“We’ve only been with NextLevel Practice for three months, but we have already seen changes. Gary and his team have taught me how to be a better leader by creating more confidence in our team and we’re having better open communication and transparency within our staff. They’ve also helped me with my personal life…[my coach] has probably saved my marriage. Thank you NextLevel!”

Dr. An Nguyen
New Smile Dental, San Diego CA

Client Support

Ashley Olson

Ashley Olson

Results Facilitator|  Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Ashley came to NextLevel Practice with experience in social services and the health and wellness industry. She loves providing unconditional compassion and support to our clients and team members to help make a difference in the lives of others. She was born and raised in the Midwest and is a proud graduate of Iowa State University.

Ashley first fell in love with the people and culture of Costa Rica when she studied abroad there in college.

Kelly Dahmer

Chief Operating Officer |  Denver, CO

Kelly understands the importance of building a community of like-minded thinkers. Her work is inspired by the dedication and commitment of our Complete Health Community to use medicine and dentistry to prevent chronic disease. It starts with changing how the public sees our work and the work of our colleagues in the field of dentistry.

Kelly loves slipping away to the beach to soak up the sun or spike a volleyball.

Gina Arthur

Gina Arthur

Client Experience Manager  |  Phoenix, AZ

With 20 years of experience in customer service, sales, and management, Gina provides quality assurance and support to NextLevel Practice clients by continuously monitoring, improving, and delivering on our commitments. She works to embody the love, play, and respect in our team and our approach to helping change lives.

Gina loves the outdoors–her cast-iron campfire cooking is delicious!

Amber Keithley

Director of Product Development Wilson, NC

Amber grew up in the Midwest–and the dental profession. Her first job was in her parent’s dental lab, making dentures and partials. After a career in massage and bodywork therapy and at a startup working to reverse Type 2 Diabetes, Amber brings her passion for complete body health by reducing inflammatory responses in the body to NextLevel.

Amber loves to glamp in the mountains with her husband and friends.

Joanna Manzelli

CDA, Analytics Manager  |  New York City

With over 15 years of experience in the dental and medical fields as well as business expertise from work in real estate, Joanna brings her business and clinical knowledge to NextLevel Practice. Joanna believes deeply in Complete Health and the link between oral hygiene and systemic disease.

Joanna is passionate about music and fighting for the rights of animals and the elderly.


ava tallman

Ava Tallman

RDH, Program Advisor | Rochester Hills, MI

Ava has had a passion for dentistry her entire life. Recognizing the powerful influence she had as a provider, her work as a dental hygienist was incredibly fulfilling–especially the relationships she built with her patients. She is excited to share her experience and knowledge to a greater audience beyond the clinic so she can help serve the field that she loves.

Ava is married to her high school sweetheart and enjoys spending time with her rescue dog, Briggs.


Justin Le Gendre

Justin Le Gendre

Digital Marketing & Events Coordinator  New York City

After switching his pursuits from acting to behind the scenes media, Justin started working in journalism and public relations, and joined the NextLevel team as the Marketing and Events Coordinator. He loves art in all forms, from music and paintings to design and photography.

Justin’s favorite holiday is Halloween–he plans his costume months in advance!

silja marini

Silja Marini

Executive LiaisonEl Paso, TX

Silja is a firm believer in finding and maintaining balance in all aspects of life. As a daughter of an entrepreneur, she understands the challenges our practitioners face in attempting to balance the conflicting goals of growing a business and finding time for a happy and fulfilling family life. She is committed to our company’s purpose of improving lives and hopes to empower practitioners and their teams to take control of their destiny and embrace change.

Silja loves art in all its forms – she paints, enjoys photography and is always looking to discover new artists and inspiring music to brighten her day.

Jody Hillebrand

Jody Hillebrand

Program Advisor Scottsdale, AZ

Jody’s passion is to serve others and to be a positive light in the world. She lives in Scottsdale with her husband, Marc, and their two dogs. She is a stepmom of three adult children and a grandma to one sweet grandbaby.  

She enjoys the outdoors, hiking, boating and spending time with family and friends. 

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