Partner Spotlight: Dr. Nicole Beurkens, CEO of Berkeley Life

Dr. Nicole Beurkens

Here at NextLevel we love to partner with like-minded companies that can help us deliver financial value to our clients and provide solutions that support complete health dentistry. In Berkeley Life, we’ve found both! As you may have seen in our webinar with Dr. Nicole Beurkens, Nitric Oxide supplements are an ideal way to support patient health and build a foundation for whole body wellness.

But what about the company’s CEO, Dr. Nicole Beurkens? What brought her into the nutraceutical field, and what fuels her passion for Nitric Oxide supplements? Let’s dive in and find out.

The Road to Berkeley Life: Dr. Nicole Beurkens’ Story

A Winding Path: From Teacher to Psychologist and Beyond

There’s no way that anyone could have predicted from the beginning of her career that Dr. Beurkens would end up as the CEO of a nutraceuticals company. Nicole’s professional journey has been marked by diverse roles and a commitment to holistic health. Starting as a teacher, she transitioned to become a clinical psychologist, driven by a desire to understand neurological issues in children. 

Over 27 years of clinical practice, Nicole recognized the importance of physiological factors in mental health, leading her to pursue a master’s in nutrition and integrative health. This background informed her approach of integrating various techniques to address patients’ symptoms comprehensively.

A Personal Health Crisis Triggers Professional Change

Out of nowhere, a diagnosis of acute autoimmune hepatitis changed everything. In her journey through treatment to remission, Dr. Beurkens drew upon all she had learned in her study of nutrition, nutraceuticals, and integrative medicine in conjunction with traditional medical treatments. Of all the treatments her integrative practitioner prescribed, nitric oxide supplementation brought the most immediate and lasting benefits.

Remembering nitric oxide from her time studying nutrition, Dr. Beurkens was struck by how little this foundational tool is discussed across medical fields. She sees her subsequent opportunity to come aboard at Berkeley Life as a little synergistic nod from the universe, giving her a chance to engage professionally with her new passion and bring more attention to this unsung hero of healthcare.

Dr. Beurkens’ Life with Berkeley Life

In her current role as CEO at Berkeley Life, Dr. Beurkens advocates for the broader recognition and utilization of nitric oxide in healthcare, aiming to empower practitioners and improve patient outcomes through education and research. 

At Berkeley Life, Dr. Beurkens can see her vision come to life as patients use Nitric Oxide supplements like Berkeley Life Foundation and Prebiotic Nitrate Chewing Gum to promote their vascular health and balance the microbiome of their mouth and gut.

The Dental Connection

Dentists are perfectly positioned to help their patients make the connection that Dr. Beurkens did, between Nitric Oxide levels and their oral and overall health. With Berkeley Life’s Nitric Oxide Test, dentists have a simple saliva test they can provide their patients to determine a baseline. As patients use Berkeley Life Nitric Oxide supplements, they can have an optimized oral environment to promote their overall health.

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