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Growing your practice's profitability doesn't have to come at the price of overwork and burnout.

During your consultation, we’ll identify your practice goals and discuss how customized coaching will give you:

Healthier Patients

Healthier Patients

When patients understand how their treatment contributes to their complete health, case acceptance goes through the roof.
Stronger Teams

Healthier Practice

Higher case acceptance means more than revenue. It builds healthier patients, a happier team, and your professional satisfaction.

Happier Life

Happier You

Time for vacations, hobbies and the people you love becomes possible with a practice model designed for more than just doing business.

Build a practice that sets you free to enjoy life more.

After supporting the growth of over 6,000 practices, we can show you the path to creating a profitable practice and a balanced life.

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Kelly Dahmer
Kelly Dahmer, Chief Executive Officer
NextLevel Practice

About NextLevel Practice

At NextLevel Practice we know you want to be a successful practice owner and focus on the work you love.

In order to do that, you need the freedom to be the dentist that you trained to be. The problem is, time spent on the business side of your practice keeps you from serving the patients you want to help. You’re frustrated, stressed and overwhelmed.

We believe it shouldn’t be this hard to be a great dentist and run a profitable practice.

We understand that balancing the business side of dentistry with the clinical side is difficult. That’s why we created a business model that has helped over 6000 practices just like yours to create profitable practices and balanced lives.

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