Thinking about selling to a DSO? Here are 3 things they don’t want you to know.

Next Level Dental Retirement Strategies

Considering selling to a DSO? Get your practice ready now.  Here at NextLevel Practice, we focus on helping you become three things: Frustration-free Time free Financially free Using our proven practice model and expert business training (with tools like Abundents University), we work to help you build systems and processes into your practice that will […]

What They Didn’t Teach You About Running a Dental Practice CAN Hurt You

Dental professional that is stressed about running a dental practice.

Why would anyone expect expert dental professionals to be instant, expert business owners? I speak every day to dentists who are horrified at what they did not learn in school about running a dental practice. They graduated from dental school woefully unprepared to run a day-to-day business. They say that the confusion, frustration, and unwitting […]

It’s a Great Day to Get Some Gold: St. Patrick’s Day and Your Practice

A rainbow with coins showcasing dental practice luck.

You don’t need a leprechaun to find the money at the end of your revenue rainbow Ireland’s storied history includes so many rich and rewarding legends. The Blarney Stone. The four-leaf clover. And of course, the elusive, tricky leprechaun. In America, many Irish-Americans and those who love to partake of the fun events during St. […]

Turn Your Payroll into a Profit Center

Toys showcasing dental team, or payroll, working together on mouth.

Every dollar spent on your dental team will deliver $2 or more back into your practice Many practice owners believe that because payroll is money coming out of the bank account that it is a drain of resources and profits. But here at NextLevel, we believe that money spent on your team is an investment […]

Solve Your Hiring Crisis Now

Hiring crisis showcased by empty seats.

Attract top tier talent by fully expressing your purpose Making your practice irresistible to high-quality talent should be top of mind for every dental practice leader. But if you’re like many of the dentists we talk to, you probably hate that part of your work and a hiring crisis isn’t helping. Perhaps you don’t feel […]

How Thousands of Dentists Have Changed Their Lives

Dentist who created dental practice success and achieved his dental practice goals.

Dental Practice Leaders – What they know that you don’t Are you able to live a happy and fulfilling life with the dental practice you lead today? Probably not. Can you make what I call “radically more money” plus gain work-life balance you have never had? Practice leaders who have either contracted with us at […]

Vaping and Oral Health: What You Need to Tell Your Patients

dentist encouraging a patient to quit vaping

At least they aren’t smoking, right? We all know that smoking is not good for your teeth, but what about vaping? A lot of long-term smokers have switched to e-cigs because they are supposedly not as bad for you as traditional cigarettes. And vaping has attracted an entirely new group of customers, some of whom […]