How Thousands of Dentists Have Changed Their Lives

Dentist who created dental practice success and achieved his dental practice goals.

Dental Practice Leaders – What they know that you don’t

Are you able to live a happy and fulfilling life with the dental practice you lead today? Probably not. Can you make what I call “radically more money” plus gain work-life balance you have never had? Practice leaders who have either contracted with us at NextLevel and/or read my book, Million Dollar Dentistry have achieved those two goals—and more. What do they know today that you need to know, like, yesterday?

1) Over the past 25 years, dentists in 37 countries have read the book and attended more than 600 live events. Over 6,000 practices have increased collections by over $1 billion—that’s while providing more than 7 million patients increased overall health and wellbeing. The book and events show them exactly how to change.

2) The old model of dentists drilling, billing, and filling won’t work anymore. You could have probably told me that. I always say, “reinvent or die,” but believe most dentists would if they could but can’t on their own. My dentists (I am humbled to even write that) know there’s another way.

3) You have to get on board with The Complete Health Dental movement because you need to transform your role with your patients. The revolution of oral systemic health helps patients build trust with you rather than dread seeing your face. Becoming a trusted healthcare advisor is easier than you think. I can give you the tools to fulfill this calling in your life.

We all get into this industry to help people. You can help exponentially more people than you are right now—with fewer headaches and a happier team, too. Call me at 212-388-1718 and I will put you in contact with a dentist who NextLevel has helped get there. You can ask her anything. She will happily describe her new career as a NextLevel practitioner making her patients’ wellness a top priority.

4) You can take the complexity out of your practice and replace a snarled situation with synergy. Yes, we all hate that word but here, it really fits. Synergy means we are able to flow with our deepest mission—helping people—while creating high-performance teams, better relationships with our community and patients, and so much more. This is not a quicker rehash of the old model when patients were loath to enter your doors and even more hesitant to pay for your services. You won’t be enslaved to insurance reimbursement schedules and low case acceptance. You won’t believe how fast that can happen for you.

These four areas of change are completely doable: My team can show you how. I will make a personal promise to you:

I can show you how to stop just making a living, working too hard for too long hours, missing family vacations and the everyday high points of life with the people you care about. Yes, it’s possible to stop just making a living and to make a life you love to live.

A sneak peek at the topics covered in the book or during an engagement:

  • The fortune in your storage closet-stop wasting it
  • Your team hates you—here’s why
  • Cash in your pocket right now—how to give yourself CPR
  • Transforming your payroll (what most dentists think is a major drain) into profits
  • Maximize your hygiene department without exhausting your hygienists
  • Get off the new patient treadmill for good. Like you always wished you could.

Download Million Dollar Dentistry today. Or call me and get more information. I can get you on track in less than 2 months. When I ask for feedback from the dentists I have helped, do you know what they say first?

“I wish I hadn’t waited as long as I did to get help. I wish I had called you sooner.”