It’s a Great Day to Get Some Gold: St. Patrick’s Day and Your Practice

A rainbow with coins showcasing dental practice luck.

You don’t need a leprechaun to find the money at the end of your revenue rainbow

Ireland’s storied history includes so many rich and rewarding legends. The Blarney Stone. The four-leaf clover. And of course, the elusive, tricky leprechaun.

In America, many Irish-Americans and those who love to partake of the fun events during St. Patrick’s Day might attend parades, drink green beer or tell their kids about leprechauns who hide their gold at the end of the rainbow. In your practice, do you feel like it’s an impossible task to find your dental practice luck – to uncover your gold (revenue) at the end of the rainbow? In every month, not just March, your bills pile up and your revenue dwindles. But after working with 6,000 practices, here at NextLevel Practice, we’re experts at the “findin’ o’ the green”.

Lucky you’re reading this right now

Maybe it’s hard for you to believe we’re not tricking you like the wily leprechaun. You can trust these three things will help you create that dental practice luck by uncovering where your revenue is hiding:

1) Find the money sitting on the table, just waiting for you to tweak one or two things within your processes to cash in. You can boost case acceptance by educating your staff to enlighten patients about complete health dentistry while patients are already getting services. This one change will be crucial to your ongoing quest to find revenue gold.

2) A laser focused launch program that takes just two coaching sessions and costs less than $1,000. That’s a lucky choice for you and, in our experience, practices that take advantage of this one-and-done approach uncover many times the $1,000 investment in as little as a week after the program ends.

3) Here’s the third thing—take advantage of the life changing power of our revenue potential calculator. We will meet with you after you take the five question revenue potential calculator quiz absolutely free. During that call we can give you advice and let you know what to do next. Many of our practices ask us to coach them after this discussion. Why? Because they know that to find the revenue (for good, repeatable profits, month-after-month), they have a lot to do to effect lasting, meaningful change.

The flowin’ o’ the green

Once you’ve made the right changes in your practice and are enjoying higher profits, you still have to work to keep your team on board, educate your patients, and get out of debt. We can help you make and keep goals to keep your money flowing. But that’s not all.

Your team will dance a happy jig

Oh Irish dancers! Many of us are amazed at their lyrical movements set to delightful music. But does your dental team always feel they’re “dancing as fast as they can” and getting nowhere?

By teaching practice leaders how to work smarter not harder and manage teams who are happy, calm and making bonuses they love, NextLevel coaching can change that tune.

Find work-life balance by scaling your practice –empowering your staff to make independent choices without running to find you every ten minutes.

If this all sounds like a myth, or that we’re dealin’ in blarney, listen for a minute to what our NextLevel practice leaders have to say:

“NextLevel Practice’s support helped me select the right practice to purchase, quadruple production in the first year, and build sustainable systems for continuous growth…AND my employees and patients are healthier, better people who say “thank you” every day!”


“NextLevel Practice has systems in place that will rock your dental world. I have not only achieved professional growth and success with their coaching, but also personal growth and success. They are life changers!!!”

You can get lucky without the help of a leprechaun or a four-leaf clover. Find out how to create your dental practice luck and uncover the life you are meant to lead. Contact us today for a free consultation.