Solve Your Hiring Crisis Now

Hiring crisis showcased by empty seats.

Attract top tier talent by fully expressing your purpose

Making your practice irresistible to high-quality talent should be top of mind for every dental practice leader. But if you’re like many of the dentists we talk to, you probably hate that part of your work and a hiring crisis isn’t helping.

Perhaps you don’t feel like your leadership skills are up to par.

Perhaps you have no idea about how to attract and retain millennials as well as boomers into your practice.

There’s hope for these insecurities!

There’s a method to end the madness of employee churn.

Gary Kadi sat down with Dr. Pamela M. Maragliano-Muniz, the chief editor at Dental Economics, to understand why many dental practice leaders are experiencing so much difficulty during the hiring crisis. Here are some reasons they discussed:

  • The supply and demand issue—we lost 10% of the dental workforce since the pandemic. Some were forced out of being chairside to be home with kids. Others had a moment of clarity about the day-to-day chaos they lived through as a dental professional in an office that was not managed well or staff wasn’t compensated well and left.
  • About 1,800 practices furloughed people and some are not recovered enough to have them back or those individuals found a different practice to join.
  • About 50% of the practices Gary works with lost at least three people—that’s a lot when one examines the hiring scarcity of dental professionals.
  • These and other actualities uncovered the weaknesses that practices had in retention and attraction prior to the pandemic.

If any of these situations echo your experience, there is help and hope. Using NextLevel’s proven system for attracting and hiring staff, you can stand out from the pack and hire and retain the most talented, motivated team you have ever had.

Let’s face it: team members are looking for very specific things. When they don’t find what they’re looking for, whether it be values, mission, or even compensation, they’re going to move on to something that clearly offers what they want. Check out this webinar to learn how to position your practice as the one that team members are looking for.

Leave with actionable steps to:

  • Create a compensation plan that rewards and inspires dedication
  • Let the dental professionals in your community know that they will feel respected and be able to grow
  • Write the best ads to attract the best people
  • Keep your current superstars happy to retain a level of excellence
  • Run a great initial interview that will have candidates wishing for a second
  • Structure bonuses that lock in levels of productivity you have never experienced before
  • Communicate your practice’s purpose and values cogently (this is increasingly important to those in the millennial age range who want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. These are 60% of the hiring pool.)
  • Create a non-monetary bonus system that can build loyalty

If your practice is in jeopardy of losing even more of your team, this webinar can help you both retain and attract the A-players you want. And stay tuned to the very end of the webinar to find out how you can meet with Gary Kadi for 30 minutes for free (a $499 value)!

If you’re struggling to get back on your feet and pivot into a new world of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding, this webinar can help. Watch the webinar and know this: There are more than enough people to help you—with a few easy steps, you can attract the right people for your practice.