Why NextLevel Practice Works


Do you remember the story of Sisyphus? After cheating death not once, but twice, he was condemned to an eternal punishment. He was tasked with rolling a rock to the top of a mountain, but just inches from the top, the rock would roll back down to the bottom. It was an endless cycle of hard work and defeat.

We know you’re not a Greek myth, but do you feel a little empathy for Sisyphus? We’ve met with dentists across the country who feel like they’re in the same situation–struggling every day to push the success of their practice up the proverbial hill, only to have implementation, team drama, low case acceptance, and more roll it right back down again. It’s a defeating, depressing way to spend your career. Why doesn’t anything ever stick?

That’s where NextLevel Practice comes in. After working with more than 6,000 dental practices and helping to generate hundreds of millions in collections, we’ve learned not just what you need to do to optimize your practice (and your life!), we’ve learned how to make it actually work. Unlike most consultants, we don’t visit your practice once and leave a long list of things you to figure out on your own, we support you through every new idea and implementation so that you actually get the results you’re after.

Here’s how we do it:

Customization: You have unique goals and needs, so why should you get forced into a one-size-fits-all program? We take the time to get to know you and understand what you’re up against so we can offer the help that you actually need. Using our deep experience base, we can listen to your goals and help you find the blindspots that may have been holding you back without you even knowing it. 

Implementation: We totally understand that there is a huge gap between knowing you need to do something to actually doing it. Whether you’re facing resistance from team members or you just don’t know how to make something work in your unique situation, we’re here to problem solve and help you make it work. There is an art and science to implementation. We’ll help you move past fears and “what ifs” and into success.

Organizational behavior: There’s more than just you on your team. In addition to different personalities and positions, you can also face generational gaps in a team that’s a mix of Baby Boomers, Millennials, and Gen Z. We’ll help you understand the wants and needs of your team members, learn how to work best with each generation, and create a unified team that’s invested in your practice’s success.

Staffing: We don’t have to tell you how important it is to hire the right people…and how hard it can be to find them. Staff continues to be one of the #1 challenges that dentists across the country are facing. We’ll show you how to position your practice so you can recruit, hire, and onboard like-minded professionals who are willing, coachable, and driven to deliver. It all starts by defining your practice’s vision, purpose, and values.

Guaranteed results with accountability by position: A lot of goal setting doesn’t work because it isn’t broken down into smaller, achievable goals. Our Triple-win proprietary incentive plan helps you not only reverse engineer annual, monthly, and daily measures, but it also does so by person/position, so each team member knows exactly what they need to do to contribute…and get rewarded for it! This creates ownership inside the team, and proactively identifies areas that need attention before they become a crisis.

Culture elevation – Team engagement is paramount to create a one-of-a-kind patient experience and in turn unprecedented results. We’ll help you get your team on board with the practice’s vision through training not just for you, but for the entire team, including individual training by position. You’ll not just become a strong leader, but create a team that’s united, motivated, and excited to help elevate the practice and patient care.

Experience it for yourself

If you’d like a sneak-peak of the NextLevel Practice difference, try out our Launch Program. For less than $1000, you’ll get two laser-focused coaching session that help you identify practice needs, team culture, and goals. Even better, you’ll leave with a crystal-clear roadmap of how to implement change and achieve your goals. Learn more about the program and sign up for it here.

You don’t have to be stuck like Sisyphus. We’re here to help you identify your goals and then make them actually happen. Together, we can help you create the practice and life you deserve.