Revenue Test for Main Street Dental: Where Is The Real Money Hiding?

Revenue test reveals hidden money

A (hypothetical) practice’s eye-opening journey to full revenue potential.

Dr. Joe thought his active patient level at Main Street Dental was fine—he hovered around 1,100 people. He also thought gross revenue of $1 million was a pretty healthy outcome. 

Sure, he was wearing too many hats, working too many hours and feeling burnt out. Fact was, so was his staff. They didn’t think they were leaving any money on the table—how could they be? They were all “dancing as fast as they could” just to get their current work done.

Then his office manager, Dave, took a quick quiz: NextLevel Practice’s Revenue Potential Calculator. He called Dr. Joe and his partner, Dr. Kathy, into the break room before their weekly business meeting. This was the result:

“By our calculations, your practice could be making $2,250,000 per year.”

What? Dr. Joe, Dr. Kathy, and Dave were amazed. They read on:

If that seems over the top, you’re not alone. That’s most dentists’ first reaction. 

But trust us, we’ve coached over 6,000 practices and these numbers are 100% obtainable for your practice. 

“You are Currently Operating at 12% Capacity.”

The doctors and their office manager stared at each other in amazement. How many more chairs would they need even to get up to 50%? How many extra hours in the day? 

“I need another cup of coffee,” said Dr. Kathy. “This is crazy. I must be dreaming.”

The three settled back in to read the rest of the results. They found out that although they had a “solid patient base” and had built a practice that retained patients and got referrals, they were leaving more than 50% of the practice’s capacity on the table. More than a million and a half dollars to be exact.

“How will we find this so-called potential,” Dr. Joe asked his colleagues. “when we already feel like we’re up to our eyeballs in work? Is it a new facility? More chairs? Hiring more office team members or hygienists? What?”

The three looked at each other in consternation. 

“How can we close that gap?” Dave, the office manager,  asked.

The three read on the results page: We know where all the best hiding places will be for revenue. But because every practice is a little bit different, NextLevel would have to get more detail.

“Oh, man. What’s this gonna cost us?” Dr. Kathy said.

“Nothing. We can get a free Revenue Locator call with a NextLevel expert. In fact, I already scheduled it. It’s next Wednesday at two. I already cleared both of your schedules just in case you were as curious as I was. What do you think?” Dave said.

“You’re so smart,” said Dr. Joe.

“That’s why we hired you,” said Dr. Kathy, beaming.

So what happened? During their call, the NextLevel expert helped them understand their results. They also uncovered three, easy steps to help them start increasing revenue without adding a single new patient to the practice. 

All of it was free. No hidden fees. No sales pressure afterward. Dr. Kathy, Dr. Joe and their team were finally given some concrete advice to help them pump up their revenue without pumping up their adrenaline and the exhausting “busyness” that felt like it was getting them nowhere.

What happened? Well, since Main Street Dental, Dr. Joe, Dr. Kathy, and even Dave aren’t real, do you really care? 

You have real problems and real revenue shortfalls, however. Many of NextLevel Practice clients in the real world have started their journey with the calculator and that first phone call. The journey to quality of life, reaching their revenue potential, and more. After the call, they will happily connect you with satisfied practice leaders and their teams who have gotten real results faster than they might have ever imagined. 

Let’s get started. Take the quiz and then call for your free revenue locator call now: 212-388-1712.