How To Create Morning Huddles That Your Team Will WANT To Wake Up For!

Dental Practice Management

How you begin your morning matters. You know those mornings when something goes wrong and you react in frustration and stress? You then bring that stress with you into your day and before you know it your whole day becomes a series of mishaps.

There is a reason why most successful people in history all had empowering and disciplined morning routines that inspired them. They started their day on the right foot, in the right mindset, with clear objectives, strong focus, and an inspired and positive outlook.

This is no different for any team, business or dental practice. How your team starts the day matters. The mindset, energy, and focus that’s within the practice, before you open those doors, sets the tone for the day for your team, your practice, and your patients.

Morning huddles are the keystone of a successful new model practice. Investing in 15 minutes each morning to discuss key business indicators is the difference between an unproductive, uneventful day and a fired-up, teeth–bumpin, fulfilling day where everyone goes home winning—the patient, the team and the doctor.

How do you create a team huddle that excites and motivates your team so much that they will want to wake up for it?  

It’s easy.

Keep them short, consistent, empowered and fun!

Morning huddles should be short and sweet at 15 minutes long and occur at the same time, in the same location each morning. If you go over 15 minutes, you will lose the attention of your team and they won’t be as eager to show up the next morning!  Honoring this time limit is important.

Morning huddles are consistent in their structure. Every morning you and your team will review the same key business indicator across all departments. Each team will have a chance to celebrate wins, share challenges, and receive support.

Morning huddles are empowered in information, resources, and education. Depending on the key business indicators updates, the team will discuss what solutions or new practices need to be implemented that day.  What resources are needed? What actions? What support is needed by other team members? This leaves the everyone feeling supported and empowered for the day ahead.

Morning huddles are fun and engaging and set the high vibes for the day! Perhaps you begin your morning huddle with team icebreakers to get your team laughing and building rapport.  Maybe at the end of your huddle, each team member gives a shout out to someone in appreciation for their heart and hard work. If your practice likes to dance, maybe your team will want a morning mini dance break for the final 2 minutes of your huddle before doors open to your dental practice. Keeping your morning huddle fun and engaging makes all the difference. When it is fun these huddles shift from an “I have to do this” place to an “I GET to do this” space and everybody wins!

So, are you pumped up now and ready to start crafting your team’s morning huddle?

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