Are Overhead Costs Keeping You And Your Practice Stuck?

If you own a dental practice then you know all about the pitfalls of overhead costs. It can be extremely frustrating for dentists when their practice’s cash flow solely covers monthly expenses. This can leave them and their dental practice feeling hopeless, discouraged, and even questioning whether the dream they have for their practice is […]

Navigating Social Media And HIPAA Privacy Laws For Your Dental Practice

Money Mindset, dental practice, team building

Like it or not, we live in a culture centered around social media.   Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Snapchat most businesses and practices use multiple social media platforms to expand their sphere of influence, nurture their current patients and attract new ones. There are powerful benefits to using social media in your practice […]

How To Create Morning Huddles That Your Team Will WANT To Wake Up For!

Dental Practice Management

How you begin your morning matters. You know those mornings when something goes wrong and you react in frustration and stress? You then bring that stress with you into your day and before you know it your whole day becomes a series of mishaps. There is a reason why most successful people in history all […]