NextLevel Practice Announces the Creation of NextLevel Doctors Group DSO

Doctors Group DSO

With its partnership in a new DSO, NextLevel shows its commitment to practitioners’ autonomy, strong teams, and patient care.  New York, NY/August 2nd, 2023/ NextLevel Practice, a dental practice management coaching and consulting company, announced today its participation in the creation of a new DSO group–NextLevel Doctors Group– formed from the Big Six Founders partnership […]

Re-Defining Retirement: How Dentist Couple Found Financial Freedom with DSO 3.0

Financial Freedom

We’ve been talking about DSO 3.0 here at NextLevel for some time now. Maybe you’ve seen one of our webinars or read our articles in Dental Economics about it. Maybe you’ve even seen our big announcement about NextLevel Doctors Group. But up until now, we’ve only ever told you about it from a consultant’s perspective. […]

How a High Healthy Deserve Level Can Transform Your Life

Healthy Deserve Level

Do you ever feel like you’re not good enough? Like you don’t deserve the things you want in life, whether it’s a successful career, financial freedom, or simply happiness and contentment? This is a common feeling that many people experience, but the truth is that you are worthy of all the good things life has […]

6 Ways To Keep Your Numbers Up, Even if You’re Out of the Office

Dental Business

Your kids have been begging you to take them to Disney World, but you just can’t bear the thought of a day out of the office. Not because you have anything against Mickey, but because you know a simple truth. Every day you’re out of the office, you don’t make money. It doesn’t have to […]

DSO 3.0: A New Approach to Selling a Dental Practice

DSO 3.0 is a win win for selling a dental practice

Are you considering selling your dental practice to a DSO but have concerns about relinquishing full control of your practice? There is a better way. While the first versions of DSOs required a lot of sacrifice on the part of the owner, DSOs have evolved. Today’s best DSOs (we call them DSO 3.0) offer a […]

5 Steps to Begin Your Journey to Wealth Mastery and Financial Freedom

Successful, young female dentist learning how to manage her dental practice and build wealth.

Did you know that 96% of dentists are still in debt when they retire? Even more surprising is data that tells us that dentists are retiring later than ever before. According to recently published ADA research, the average retirement age is nearly 70 years old. As a seasoned coach with more than two decades of […]

Dental Practice Management: 4 Ways to Slice Through the Overwhelm

Woman swinging a golf club

Do you feel buried by stress and doubt? Is your practice plateaued in the doldrums? Are you looking for a clear path forward? Cut through the overwhelm with a new strategy that will help you launch your practice to new heights of success and banish the burdens that are holding you back from the life […]

What Can Success and a Healthy Deserve Level Do for You?

Dentist family sailing on a yacht

Dentists are notorious for being overachievers who undervalue their accomplishments. Despite the demanding work, intelligence, and dedication it takes to create a dental practice, too many dentists think that they are not enough. Yes, you read that correctly. Goal-driven professionals who have already accomplished so much, think that they don’t deserve their success. Do You […]

3 Tax Hacks for Dentists Who Want to Save Money in 2023

Bank vault filled with gold bars

Dreading tax season?  Luckily there are proven steps you can take throughout the year to mitigate your taxes before your CPA even fills out the first form in the new year.  These three tax hacks will help you take control of your tax strategy so you can save more of your hard-earned money on your […]

Build a World-Class Practice with NextLevel’s Leading Dentist Program

Teal racecar representing a world-class dentist

Chances are, when you graduated from dental school, you envisioned creating a world-class practice. And while you’ve found some success as a dentist, something undefinable has been holding you back from completely achieving your goals. Is it the constant drama in your team? The pressure to increase production? How do you know? Don’t worry–transformation is […]