Build a World-Class Practice with NextLevel’s Leading Dentist Program

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Chances are, when you graduated from dental school, you envisioned creating a world-class practice. And while you’ve found some success as a dentist, something undefinable has been holding you back from completely achieving your goals. Is it the constant drama in your team? The pressure to increase production? How do you know?

Don’t worry–transformation is not out of reach. You can discover what’s holding you back and blow past it, all while increasing revenue, spending more time with your loved ones, and ensuring a comfortable retirement. NextLevel has developed a proven strategy for patient buy-in, increased revenue, and overall improvement — the Leading Dentist in Complete Health Program.

Helping Dentists Solve Their Biggest Career Challenges

Dentistry is by no means an easy profession and it can often be a lonely one. If you’re a dentist operating a personal practice, you’re under constant pressure to perform a daily juggling act to balance patient care, business operations, family time, personal development, and downtime. And unfortunately, you know that the first item to go under pressure is downtime — peaceful moments that are essential to your mental well-being, your family, your employees, and your patients.

NextLevel was founded by experienced professionals with extensive experience and we are here to show you that you are not alone. You have an ally who can help you reclaim your downtime, show up for your family, and still run a successful business.

The Leading Dentist Program helps dentists just like you get unstuck and reach your goals with a variety of strategic steps designed to find your pain points and help you transform your practice:

One-on-One Coaching

Do you want to finally feel heard in a place where you can tell the truth about your struggles? Our coaches get in the trenches with you to help you and your team achieve your goals.

Extensive Training

Get the training you didn’t get in dental school, with clearly defined steps for developing a business model that increases revenue, case acceptance, employee satisfaction, and more. More than 6,000 practices have used our training program with incredible results–they’ve generated over 200 million dollars in collections, with no end in sight!

Advanced Business Tech

A successful practice relies on having the right tools to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself. NextLevel has worked to offer a superior training platform that not only helps you learn, but trains every member of your team, while also managing a variety of other data. We also teach you how to leverage that data to drive better outcomes — whether that’s better patient retention, increased case acceptance, or more money in your pocket.

Top Reasons to Become a Leading Dentist

More Free Time and Less Stress:

Every minute of your dental career doesn’t have to be mired in worry until the day you retire. As a leading dentist, you can create the life you always envisioned. You can spend more time enjoying the results of your hard work, spending time with family, and taking care of your physical and mental health.

More Money in Your Pocket and a Clear Path to Retirement:

One of the key concerns we find with our dentists is the idea that they will never truly retire. With a solid strategy and consistent coaching, we will help you find your exit to a comfortable retirement— and it won’t be when you have aged out of enjoying it!

Increased case acceptance:

With the right methodology in place, you can educate your patients and greatly increase the likelihood that they will accept recommended treatment plans presented by your practice.

Employee Buy-in:

Staff retention and staff-patient engagement both play roles in the success of your dental practice. Like you, your employees joined the dental field to help people improve and maintain their oral health. When you help them understand their role in the practice and how that helps patients in the long-term, they will transition from staff to business advocates.

Healthier patients:

Patients who receive consistent care and follow-up treatment will experience improvements in their oral health and their overall physical wellness. While NextLevel’s goal is to help our clients transform their financial outcome, we also want to support you in transforming the lives of your patients. There are lots of lucrative careers out there. You chose dentistry because you care. The Leading Dentist program will let you align your financial goals with your positive patient health outcomes.

Who Can Benefit from the Leading Dentist Program?

Dentistry is one of the highest-paying roles in the medical field — yet many dentists struggle to achieve their vision for their practice. As we state often at NextLevel Practice, this is because dental school is not business school, but a dental practice is most certainly a business. The most common problems we encounter in our coaching practice revolve around key issues. If you can see yourself in even one of these common scenarios, you can benefit from our program.

  1. Flatlining revenue
  2. Low case acceptance
  3. Floundering staff retention
  4. Neverending hunt for new patients
  5. Zero work-life balance
  6. Anxiety
  7. Depression
  8. Overwhelming workload
  9. A sense of “going it alone”

Become a Leading Dentist in Complete Health Dentistry

Find balance, improve patient outcomes, and achieve new heights of success when you become a leading dentist in complete health dentistry. NextLevel Practice will coach you through your transformation every step of the way. Our program includes an overall assessment of your existing business and your goals. It also includes extensive training, one-on-one coaching, 24/7 access to comprehensive video classes for both you and your team, plus advanced tech tools that let you track your transformation in real time.

Schedule your free consultation to learn more about how complete health dentistry can change your life and the lives of your most valuable business asset — your patients.