The 3 Key Benefits of a Dental Practice Valuation

Moneybags showing dental practice valuation

Do you know the real value of your practice? Whether planning to sell your practice to a DSO or simply developing a more realistic understanding of your profitability and potential, an expert dental practice valuation will help you get informed about the strength of your business. Like anything in life, you have to know what […]

​​3 Reasons to Get a Second Opinion on Any DSO Offer

Dentist getting a second opinion before signing a contract with a DSO

​Has a dental service organization (DSO) approached you with an offer for your practice that seems too good to be true? Are you concerned about the impact that selling to a DSO will have on your future business, your team and your plans for retirement? You’re right to be cautious! A DSO can completely transform […]

3 Ways to Raise Your Deserve Level and Transform Your Mindset

Cloud with the word Mindset

There’s no question that the field of dentistry is in desperate need of a mindset transformation. Dentists have the highest suicide rate of any medical profession despite reporting some of the highest rates of job satisfaction. There’s a disconnect between what our industry claims and the reality of the career. Something has to change. Dentists, […]

Best Dental Practice Management Tools—Consulting, Software, or Both?

Consulting coach standing outside at a sports event

Does optimizing your dental practice management come down to solid software, stellar coaching, or both? This is a common question for dentists who are taking a closer look at consulting for their practice and recognizing a need for change. Whether it comes down to trying to save money, a reluctance to involve a stranger in […]

3 Keys to Managing a Dental Practice During Economic Uncertainty

graph of economic uncertainty

Can your dental practice weather economic uncertainty? Running a profitable dental practice can feel like an enormous challenge even in the best economic circumstances. When times get hard, the stress and worry that comes with running a dental office can feel as if they’ve been magnified tenfold. At NextLevel Practice, we coach dentists who are […]

Dentistry Burnout Is a Clear and Present Danger to Our Dentists

candle burning out as a symbol for dentistry burnout

Content Warning: This article discusses the topics of dentistry burnout and suicide in dentistry. If you’ve had thoughts of self-harm or suicide, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline for help using the three-digit dialing code 988. At NextLevel, I see the impact of dentistry burnout every day. Many of the dentists who partner with […]

The Importance of Branding in Dental Practice Management

image of hand writing about the importance of branding and customer loyalty

These days, it’s not enough to simply provide quality general dentistry services. Your practice is competing in a tough market filled with gimmicks, specials, and patient extras, so you need to set yourself apart from the pack to attract and maintain the patients that are so critical to your practice revenue. Branding can give your […]

Boost Your Business-Savvy to Transform Your Dental Practice

image of butterfly transforming

A significant number of dentists who own their own practices in the United States find themselves working long hours, struggling to generate revenue, and are frustrated with the complications of running a business-savvy dental practice. Are you one of them? It is no surprise that this is such a common experience. Dentists receive little-to-no business […]

Your Dental Practice is Sinking and You Want to Jump Ship

Dental practice sinking

Don’t resent yourself or your teams—get help now The unintentional testing that was the COVID-19 crisis for dentistry is not over yet. But the dental practices I work for have mastered the quality of resilience long before this worldwide challenge. As a strange and unexpected storm that has blown into our lives, there is not […]

Bounce Back from Anything? Five Steps to Get You Through

Practice leaders become experts on resilience and optimism After the pandemic, I see that many practices have been limping along, unsure about how to change their downward trajectory. They’ve become part of the unfortunate fallout for businesses worldwide. I have fielded so many calls and tackled hundreds of challenges practice leaders are facing right now. […]