What They Didn’t Teach You About Running a Dental Practice CAN Hurt You

Dental professional that is stressed about running a dental practice.

Why would anyone expect expert dental professionals to be instant, expert business owners? I speak every day to dentists who are horrified at what they did not learn in school about running a dental practice. They graduated from dental school woefully unprepared to run a day-to-day business. They say that the confusion, frustration, and unwitting […]

It’s a Great Day to Get Some Gold: St. Patrick’s Day and Your Practice

A rainbow with coins showcasing dental practice luck.

You don’t need a leprechaun to find the money at the end of your revenue rainbow Ireland’s storied history includes so many rich and rewarding legends. The Blarney Stone. The four-leaf clover. And of course, the elusive, tricky leprechaun. In America, many Irish-Americans and those who love to partake of the fun events during St. […]