Turn Your Payroll into a Profit Center

Toys showcasing dental team, or payroll, working together on mouth.

Every dollar spent on your dental team will deliver $2 or more back into your practice Many practice owners believe that because payroll is money coming out of the bank account that it is a drain of resources and profits. But here at NextLevel, we believe that money spent on your team is an investment […]

Solve Your Hiring Crisis Now

Hiring crisis showcased by empty seats.

Attract top tier talent by fully expressing your purpose Making your practice irresistible to high-quality talent should be top of mind for every dental practice leader. But if you’re like many of the dentists we talk to, you probably hate that part of your work and a hiring crisis isn’t helping. Perhaps you don’t feel […]

How to Make Coming to Work FUN!

playing games and having fun in the break room

Is your team losing their energy? Showing signs of wear and tear? Showing up late or leaving early? It could be a lack of fun! There is a growing epidemic of burnout across all industries and the dental industry is no exception. According to experts, organizational signs of burnout include: Job dissatisfaction Cynicism about work role Loss of […]