4 Ways To Make More Money In Your Dental Practice

Knowing how to keep your dental practice profitable not only helps keep your practice growing but also keeps you helping more patients achieve optimal health.

To truly scale your practice and make a greater impact on the lives of your patients you must think outside the box, shift your focus and adopt a new system that empowers your team, supports patients and gives YOU more time to do what you love…dentistry!

In this blog, we share our 4 winning strategies that will help keep your practice profitable, providing quality care to your patients while giving you greater work-life balance. 

# 1 Shift your intention and attention.

The fastest and most effective path to increasing the profitability in your practice is to focus attention and intention on what you can control inside your practice as it exists today and leverage what you are best at; helping your patients.   

We call this a Complete Health Practice and at NextLevel, we build complete health practices because it raises the value proposition so that on a good day we save a smile and on a great day we save a life.  We leverage what a practice already has in a way that provides more service, care, and education for the patient.  

This value proposition fixes the problem of hygiene retention, low case acceptance, and low new patient acquisition which are the 3 ways to build a practice and increase the value of your practice quickly and ethically.

We invite you to learn more about the Complete Health Practice model and start implementing it into your dental practice if you haven’t already.

#2 Adopt the CARE system

CA- Case Acceptance

R- Retention

E- The experience and acquisition of new patients

So many dentists are sitting on a profitability goldmine within their practice and don’t even know it!  At NextLevel, we help dentists utilize these untapped assets so they can see powerful change quickly. We do this through our CARE system.

With the CARE system, the opportunity for growth already exists in your practice today, with patients who trust you and a team that believes in you.  Our CARE System helps you identify exactly where your untapped assets are in your practice right now

Increasing your patient’s YES to treatment, creating a healthy mouth baseline that is communicated to your patients at every visit (to reinforce the ‘why’ behind accepting treatment), and upgrading the overall patient experience are just some of the powerful places in your practice to start. When you implement and focus on your practice’s CARE plan you can increase practice value within months and attract new patients without spending a dollar on marketing.

#3 Get onboard.

When you shift your focus internally on case acceptance, patient retention and building a high-performing hygiene department you will have a priceless value proposition in which everyone wins.  Your patients get healthier, your practice thrives and your team feels empowered knowing they are making a difference in the whole body health of your patients. This only works, however, when everybody is on board and aligned!

Learn more about how NextLevel can help you improve case acceptance and create more close-knit relationships between you and your patients.

# 4 See for yourself.

Many practices aren’t aware of the hidden hygiene fortune that remains untapped and lost within their daily prophy and exam schedule.  

There are several practice management metrics most dental teams aren’t tracking that can make a significant difference to the health of their practice and patients.  

Our Lost Revenue Locator is a powerful tool that breaks this all down in a quick, easy to do formula.  When put into practice, our Lost Revenue Locator has been known to increase the value of practices within a matter of months.

Are you ready to see this for yourself and take your first step towards a more profitable and empowered practice?