Exhausted Dentists Get Relief In A Surprising Place

Simple changes that make a big impact

What are successful dentists doing right now to fix offices that are not working up to par?  Their struggles start and end in survival mode and they’re all burnt out.

Are you afraid to change? Are you too exhausted to try?


Time for change

Thriving practices do one thing right: Gain step-by-step insights to empower their staff. Right now, in your profit and loss statement what does it say about the status quo? It probably reflects a poorly motivated team and a dead-tired dentist.

Drill, fill and PPO mills –you’re overwhelmed, directionless and ultimately in survival mode. The complete health practitioners out there are delivering a whole person outcome for their patients. They are energized by building a practice that can helps the whole body, all of a sudden they have a great sense of purpose. The whole team will be excited.



A leader in complete health dentistry, she was working by herself, trying to take care of 95 new patients a month. She had twin nine-year old girls that she never saw.

Working four and a half days a week, she brought a struggling practice up to speed. But she needed to be decentralized—fast. She wanted to be a Mom, too. 

“I was able to choose what I can have in my life. I thought that if I was home and not in the office we would never make payroll. I was wrong, thank goodness,” she said.


Then and now

She’s been working three days a week for over a decade. Her Dad’s a dentist and she was trained to ‘be in charge of everything” which isn’t good for your team or your life. She made the change and was part of her girls’ lives.

Her team works on Complete Health with every patient every single time—they must be consistent. The team knows that the patient’s health is at stake. 

Technology and the complete health approach together will help you retain patients. Your transformational rather than transactional dentistry approach will fulfill you, make you more profitable and send case acceptance through the roof.


Her business model

“The driving force behind our practice is having the mission to get millions of people healthier in Florida. We have been mobilizing our team to warmly embrace this mission and these new ways of doing dentistry. They will want to be a part of it—and you won’t have to be a one-man-band,” Huckie said.


Technologically empowered

Vatech technology helps us continually help patients plug into the opportunity for their whole health picture. 

“We send out the disk from Vatech to other practitioners like chiropractors. So much so that the chiropractor across the street sends two people to us a day for imaging,” Huckie said.

In fact, Complete Health causes a 56% rise in treatment acceptance; you can get 36% higher retention rate; and send revenue up 59% from new patients goes up from installing Vatech technology in a practice.


Gain respect and respite

“The respect and goodwill of other healthcare pros is invaluable. ENTs see the CT from the technology we have and we are instantly elevated to whole body healthcare people, not just neck and teeth,” Dr. Huckie said. 

“The Vatech system helps your team something more than suck and spin and just drilling on teeth. It’s so inspiring. It really allows us to help people and help our team become educated and excited about their new skills and empowerment,” Huckie said.

Getting a healthy mouth baseline every time—your patients avert serious health problems down the road. They respect and need you for much more than their mouths. It’s proven and can be done today.

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