A Message of Hope


I want to offer you hope. I also want to offer you clarity. I’ll start with clarity.


The standard dental office is frightening. It scares your patients. It scares your staff. It scares even the doctors.  Return too soon, and you risk the health and wellbeing of patients and team. Go back too late, and you risk losing your life’s work.


The pandemic is not ending fast enough. State and dental boards are now allowing your practice to proceed.


We already know that you are now needing new protocols and PPE. You are also needing to have a safe flow of traffic for the office and a socially distanced waiting area.


There are new demands and old ways of doing things. There is a lot to learn in an alternative system. There are higher costs, and not just for PPE. It now takes longer to do procedures.  And possibly only certain procedures will be available.


If your practice was thriving before you will have to adapt. If your practice wasn’t optimal before it may be hard to stay solvent.


Sometimes we make changes because we want to. Sometimes we make changes because we have to. Everyone needs to make changes now.


You have a wonderful opportunity to start fresh. Do not return to work with a team not on board. Make certain your team is flexible. They must provide outstanding patient care with increased productivity. They must optimize profitability in your practice.


As a leader, it is on you to show that your commitment to excellence is more powerful than your misgivings. Your team will follow. When you and your team stand together for the safety and confidence of your patients, your practice will thrive.


You need a plan to return to work. A powerful plan. NextLevel Practice can help you create and execute that plan. Talk to us, we’re not scary.

Gary Kadi