Growing Pains? We Can Help.

Dentist using the enterprise coaching for multi-office practices.

Enterprise coaching for multi-office practices and small DSOs.

While expanding and managing multiple dental offices is the next logical step for a successful dentist, this growth brings an entirely new set of challenges that reach far beyond the day-to-day operations of a single practice.

If you own and manage 2-15 locations (especially if you are still working chairside), you have probably found yourself struggling with some of these issues:

  • Long hours and burnout
  • Tracking numbers across individual offices and the entire organization
  • Consistency and implementation
  • Training
  • Team unity
  • Maintaining community

And more!

Here’s a few techniques we’ve found to help ease DSO growing pains and create a united organization that works toward success for both team members and patients.

Create Consistency

Have you ever established a successful practice in one office but struggled to get the other offices on board? Do you have one location that just won’t change?

Establishing key metrics for the organization is essential for bringing the entire team onto the same playing field. Decide on precise job descriptions and expectations for every position in your organization and track every individual and team to make sure their performance is in line with expectations.

With clear expectations and data to track performance, you’ll be able to enjoy consistent results across the entire organization.

Watch Your Numbers

Profitability can be impossible to predict (and achieve) without clear numbers. This means you need to consistently stay on top of your P&Ls. A one-time glance during tax season won’t give you the information you need to make informed decisions throughout the year.

Find software (and use it!) that will help you track expenses, case acceptance, invoices, and more. Talk to your accountant often. Don’t make decisions based on your gut–keep your knowledge as close to real time as possible.

With a close working knowledge of your numbers, you can make smart decisions to ensure all of your locations stay functioning and profitable.

Implementation and Training

You can be as consistent in your metrics as possible, but without training, your team members will never be truly successful.

Whether you’re bringing in a new hire or looking to implement a new process, training your team is absolutely essential. Make sure that your team members understand the hows and whys of every new implementation and are fully on board with new programs. Don’t just train one person and expect them to pass the information along–train every member of your team, always making sure you are managing by consent.

With a fully-trained team, you can take the struggle out of management and create a Dental Service Organization that is strong, healthy, and self-sustaining.

We get you

At NextLevel Practice, we understand the unique needs of your DSO. That’s why we created our special Enterprise coaching plan. With customized coaching and training for you and your entire team, we’ll help you create a stronger, healthier, chaos-free business to benefit both your team members and your patients.

From software that takes the stress out of understanding numbers to clear, templated trainings, our Enterprise program will help you get past your growing pains and into the well-oiled machine your DSO was meant to be.

Schedule a free consultation to learn how NextLevel’s Enterprise Program could help your DSO reach new heights.