Strengthening Dental Practices: The Power of Like-Minded Communities

Dental Team

In the dynamic landscape of dental practice management, the importance of collaboration and shared knowledge cannot be overstated. One of the key avenues for achieving this synergy is through like-minded dental practice communities. At NextLevel Practice, we understand the transformative impact these communities can have on the financial health and overall success of dental practices. […]

Our Story

Our Story

What happens in Vegas… Every great superhero has an origin story. A meaningful personal experience, a significant loss, or a wrong that needed to be made right. Whatever that thing is, it’s what puts the superhero into the trajectory of making the world a better, safer place. And while we’re not claiming superhero status, we […]

5 Steps to Begin Your Journey to Wealth Mastery and Financial Freedom

Successful, young female dentist learning how to manage her dental practice and build wealth.

Did you know that 96% of dentists are still in debt when they retire? Even more surprising is data that tells us that dentists are retiring later than ever before. According to recently published ADA research, the average retirement age is nearly 70 years old. As a seasoned coach with more than two decades of […]

Dental Practice Management: 4 Ways to Slice Through the Overwhelm

Woman swinging a golf club

Do you feel buried by stress and doubt? Is your practice plateaued in the doldrums? Are you looking for a clear path forward? Cut through the overwhelm with a new strategy that will help you launch your practice to new heights of success and banish the burdens that are holding you back from the life […]

Turn Your Payroll into a Profit Center

Toys showcasing dental team, or payroll, working together on mouth.

Every dollar spent on your dental team will deliver $2 or more back into your practice Many practice owners believe that because payroll is money coming out of the bank account that it is a drain of resources and profits. But here at NextLevel, we believe that money spent on your team is an investment […]

Solve Your Hiring Crisis Now

Hiring crisis showcased by empty seats.

Attract top tier talent by fully expressing your purpose Making your practice irresistible to high-quality talent should be top of mind for every dental practice leader. But if you’re like many of the dentists we talk to, you probably hate that part of your work and a hiring crisis isn’t helping. Perhaps you don’t feel […]

Leanne, The Rock-Climbing Trip, and How to Fix Broken Bonus Structures

Did you know 50% of your team members are actively looking for a new position? Trying to keep your key roles filled is like riding a rollercoaster. It has been for years.  Bonuses can be a simple, innovative way to work smarter and not harder. To keep your best people, start with cold, hard cash. […]

You Get What You Pay For-Payroll Structure, Bonus And Keeping Teams Compensated

Turn your solo practice into a million dollar-plus practice. Scale with the best teams using pay structures that pay the dentist first Turn your payroll into a profit center Doctor Larry worked on cutting expenses to be more profitable. He looked at front desk personnel first, trying to shrink those salaries. What he really needed […]

Obnoxious Dentists And How They Got That Way

mouth diseases can make a dentist obnoxious

Once a dentist learns the mouth-body connection for complete health, you usually can’t shut her up about it. The same goes for recently educated patients. How did these people become so obnoxious on the subject? The fact is, their conversion is based on a crucial, life-saving truth that their friends and family must know. Here’s […]

Why You Absolutely Stink At Hiring And How To Fix It

hiring, how to do it effectively

Why is it so hard to find good employees? According to the Wall Street Journal, “there are more job openings in the U.S. this spring than before the pandemic hit in March 2020, and fewer people in the labor force, according to the Labor Department and private recruiting sites.” What’s more, dental assistants and hygienists […]