The Untapped Potential of Peer-to-Peer Coaching


3 reasons why community is so important for dentists Have you ever felt alone and stuck in your dental practice? There are more than 185,000 dental practices in the U.S., yet it can be hard to connect to other practice owners in a real way–one where you can share your problems and learn from each […]

5 Ways Expert Dental Coaching from NextLevel Practice Can Transform Your Dental Practice

Dental Practice

Managing a dental practice successfully in today’s competitive healthcare landscape requires not only exceptional clinical skills but also effective business acumen. Unfortunately, “business acumen” likely wasn’t a class in most dental school programs, leaving dentists unprepared to successfully run a small business. That’s why we offer dental coaching here at NextLevel Practice–to help you round […]

Unlocking Dental Practice Success: Understanding EBITDA and DSO Benefits

Understanding EBITDA and DSO Benefits

Gary Kadi has observed firsthand the aversion many of his colleagues have to financial matters. Words like P&L and KPI can send even the most financially savvy dentist into a panic. The truth is, dental school didn’t equip our industry with the skills to navigate the business side of our practices, making the financial aspects […]

Embracing a New Era of Dental Practice: DSO 3.0


Gone are the days when your income solely depended on the services you provided as a dentist. The traditional dental business model, which limited your earning potential to the output of your own hands, is no longer the only option. The dental industry is experiencing a seismic shift with the rise of Dental Support Organizations […]

Forget The Old DSO Model. Here’s Why You Should Check Out DSO 3.0

Dental Business

Forget the old DSO Model. Here’s why you should check out DSO 3.0  It’s hard to ignore the buzzing of the industry-wide DSO consolidation. But among the tales of eased business responsibilities and incredible financial payouts lurk stories of lost autonomy, tanking patient care, and miserable doctors stuck in a demoralizing life they didn’t anticipate. […]

Thinking about joining a DSO? NextLevel Practice Can Help You Secure the Best Deal

Close the Deal

Are you considering selling your dental practice to a Dental Support Organization (DSO) but want to make sure you’re getting a good deal? We understand how different and downright confusing it can be to navigate the sale of your practice and to ensure you’re getting the best possible arrangement–for you, your team, and your patients. […]

Pros and Cons of Selling Your Dental Practice to a DSO

DSO Choices

You’ve probably noticed a trend in the last two years–dentists across the country are selling their practices to DSOs. But along with those sales have come horror stories perfect for campfires and marshmallow roasting: abysmal patient care, loss of autonomy, feeling stuck and helpless. It can feel like an impossible question for a practice owner–what […]

Kickstart Your Dental Practice’s Growth with NextLevel’s Launch Program

NextLevel's Launch Program

As a dental practice owner, you know how frustrating it can be when your dental practice’s growth hits a plateau. Low case acceptance, high staff turnover, and slipping numbers can all contribute to a feeling of being stuck. Not only does this affect your practice, but it can also impact your personal life, leading to […]

How to Rise Above Dental Challenges in 2023: 4 Insights from Gary Kadi

Dental Administration

It’s no secret that the dental industry has faced numerous challenges over the years, but 2023 presents a unique set of obstacles that practices must navigate in order to stay ahead. In a recent guest post on Cain Watters & Associates’ blog, our founder, Gary Kadi, shared four important insights on how dental practices can […]

Stop Being a Prisoner to Insurance Companies: Learn How to Drop PPOs Now

Gary Kadi

We’ve all faced it–lower payouts, more denied claims, more rules and regulations. Insurance companies are hard at work trying to make it more difficult for dentists like you get paid for your hard work. In fact, here’s a disappointing statistic for you–since becoming popular in the 1970s, dental insurance’s maximum benefit has remained steady at […]