From Revenue to EBITDA: Elevate Your Dental Practice Prosperity!

From Revenue to EBITDA

Owning a dental practice requires more than just clinical expertise; it demands a keen understanding of financial management. In a recent webinar, NextLevel Founder, Gary Kadi, spoke with Dr Pamela M. Maragliano-Muniz, chief editor of Dental Economics, discussing financial metrics and strategies tailored specifically for dentists and their practices. Let’s explore some of their key […]

3 Tax Hacks for Dentists Who Want to Save Money in 2023

Bank vault filled with gold bars

Dreading tax season?  Luckily there are proven steps you can take throughout the year to mitigate your taxes before your CPA even fills out the first form in the new year.  These three tax hacks will help you take control of your tax strategy so you can save more of your hard-earned money on your […]

What Fears Are Standing In The Way of Your Wealth?

When it comes to your dental practice, does realizing your financial goals feel overwhelming and out of reach? Do you have fears around your dental practice reaching the level of financial success you desire? We all like to think that we are a YES to achieving our financial goals yet so many of our mindsets, […]

4 Ways To Make More Money In Your Dental Practice

Knowing how to keep your dental practice profitable not only helps keep your practice growing but also keeps you helping more patients achieve optimal health. To truly scale your practice and make a greater impact on the lives of your patients you must think outside the box, shift your focus and adopt a new system […]

What Is Your Money Mindset and Is It Keeping You And Your Dental Practice Stuck?

Running a successful dental practice requires heart, hard work, hustle and mindsets that keep you inspired, motivated and determined when the going gets tough. Adopting a healthy money mindset is imperative when you want to expand your dental practice, up-level your business, and grow into your wealth.   Money is a triggering word for many. Every […]

5 Things Standing In The Way Of Your Dental Practice’s Profitability

If you own a dental practice then you know all about the challenges and rewards that come from building a profitable practice. It can be frustrating for dentists when their dental practice’s cash flow solely covers monthly expenses despite working 60+ hours a week and trading vacation time for overtime (which, for the record, we […]

5 Effective Ways Dental Professionals Can Serve Their Communities

At NextLevel we know a lot of dental professionals and we are proud to support dentists in building a Complete Health practice. A common trait among the dentists that we work with is their desire to be of service and help, not only their patients but their communities as well. Most dental professionals go into […]

What Is Your Dental Practice’s Love Language?

Simple And Effective Ways To Appreciate Your Team In the book The Five Love Languages, Gary Chapman shares his powerful approach to cultivating deeper relationships by learning how to effectively express love and appreciation. Based on years of research and work as a Marriage & Family therapist, Gary Chapman discovered the five love languages that […]

Are Overhead Costs Keeping You And Your Practice Stuck?

If you own a dental practice then you know all about the pitfalls of overhead costs. It can be extremely frustrating for dentists when their practice’s cash flow solely covers monthly expenses. This can leave them and their dental practice feeling hopeless, discouraged, and even questioning whether the dream they have for their practice is […]