Dental Practice Management: 4 Ways to Slice Through the Overwhelm

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Do you feel buried by stress and doubt? Is your practice plateaued in the doldrums? Are you looking for a clear path forward? Cut through the overwhelm with a new strategy that will help you launch your practice to new heights of success and banish the burdens that are holding you back from the life […]

Build a World-Class Practice with NextLevel’s Leading Dentist Program

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Chances are, when you graduated from dental school, you envisioned creating a world-class practice. And while you’ve found some success as a dentist, something undefinable has been holding you back from completely achieving your goals. Is it the constant drama in your team? The pressure to increase production? How do you know? Don’t worry–transformation is […]

The 3 Key Benefits of a Dental Practice Valuation

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Do you know the real value of your practice? Whether planning to sell your practice to a DSO or simply developing a more realistic understanding of your profitability and potential, an expert dental practice valuation will help you get informed about the strength of your business. Like anything in life, you have to know what […]

​​3 Reasons to Get a Second Opinion on Any DSO Offer

Dentist getting a second opinion before signing a contract with a DSO

​Has a dental service organization (DSO) approached you with an offer for your practice that seems too good to be true? Are you concerned about the impact that selling to a DSO will have on your future business, your team and your plans for retirement? You’re right to be cautious! A DSO can completely transform […]

3 Ways to Raise Your Deserve Level and Transform Your Mindset

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There’s no question that the field of dentistry is in desperate need of a mindset transformation. Dentists have the highest suicide rate of any medical profession despite reporting some of the highest rates of job satisfaction. There’s a disconnect between what our industry claims and the reality of the career. Something has to change. Dentists, […]

Best Dental Practice Management Tools—Consulting, Software, or Both?

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Does optimizing your dental practice management come down to solid software, stellar coaching, or both? This is a common question for dentists who are taking a closer look at consulting for their practice and recognizing a need for change. Whether it comes down to trying to save money, a reluctance to involve a stranger in […]

October is Oral Systemic Health Month

October is oral systemic health month.

Help Your Patients Help Themselves Can you relate to this story?  Adrienne’s been coming to you for years. She’s happy with her smile, your service, and the dental care she’s received. She walks into the office after she’s finished with her own office job. She’s tired but pleasant yet you can sense she just wants […]

Three Ways to Combat the “Hard Case”

A hard case in dental office.

“She came in off the street with a chip on her shoulder and a mistrust of the white coat…”   As a fan of “hard case” detectives in such classics as Blade Runner and The Big Sleep, I find these hard-boiled characters’ staccato dialogue and film noir affectations fun to watch!  This stereotypical, fedora-wearing gumshoe […]

Make Prevention Profitable

Getting Your Patients To Say YES To Treatment A patient’s resistance to accepting dental treatment can prevent them from getting the care they need. These barriers often include cost, fear of treatment, lack of dental education and more. Understanding how a patient moves through the treatment decision-making process empowers dental practices to address the patient’s […]