Drs. Michelle and Glenn Taylor, Taylor Dental Care | Sandy, UT

“As a husband and wife doctor team, we had no boundary between work and our personal life. We also thought we’d have to work 10 extra years to be financially free. NextLevel showed us the way to shorten and beat our financial planner’s calculation by 7 years.”

Dr. John Bocchi, Sierra Smiles Complete Health Dentistry | Reno, NV

“As a multi-site practice, installing customized NextLevel methodology allowed us to streamline operations and install a management system that helped us effectively manage our 50+ employees. They have also helped us keep our vision & purpose alive and on the forefront as we have scaled into opening new practices and even a dental assisting school.”

Dr. Shahnaz Formoli, Arden Park Dental Care | Sacramento, CA

“I was always busy, but I wasn’t alway productive and profitable. It was exhausting and defeating. NextLevel connected me to my purpose and put in processes that allowed my team to know what to do and how to do it. Now I have a peace of mind knowing that I can finish my career on […]

Dr. Andrea Foley, Foley Dental Group | Maryville, IL

“NextLevel’s Practice is beyond a practice management consulting firm. They guided me on my career path and gave me opportunities that I didn’t know existed. I now have joy in practicing the way I want to and have the freedom to work on my terms.”