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You’ve Got a Lot of Questions

If you’re thinking about selling your practice in the near future, chances are you’re more than a little worried about how much you’ll make. Will it cover your debt? Will it support your lifestyle?

And there’s not just money to worry about–what will happen to your team, your patients? Should you stay on for a while? And who should you sell to? A DSO? A private dentist? Someone else entirely?

You deserve straight answers to your questions. That’s why we work with dentists just like you to build stronger practices that sell for a higher multiple, and give you the support and know how you need to sell confidently so you can enter your next adventure.

Sell With Confidence

Our customized coaching will help you get your practice ready to sell.

Increase Profitability

No, you don’t need to work longer hours or see more patients. Learn how to grow your profitability and cash flow (EBITDA) to increase your valuation the smart way.

Understand Your Options

Knowing who to sell to can be downright confusing. We’ll help you know the pros and cons of each option so you can find the right fit.

Create Generational Wealth

There’s a short window of opportunity to create wealth beyond the initial value of your practice. We’ll help you leverage this opportunity and enjoy financial freedom.

Dr. Michelle Taylor, Taylor Dental Care
Dr. Michelle Taylor, Taylor Dental Care

Your Future is On the Line

We’ll help you take the right steps today to ensure a better, more profitable tomorrow.

Get the know-how and systems you need to skyrocket your practice’s valuation.

Proven Approach

The practices we work with predictably generate a 25-30% profit increase within the first year. We’ll show you how to, too.

Proactive Support

Your personal coach will help you ensure you get the right deal at the right time by establishing clear goals, providing direction, and holding your team accountable.

Real-Time Data

We’ll help you set your goals and stay on top of your data to help you meet benchmarks and boost production so you get the valuation you deserve.
John and Jen Bocchi, Sierra Smiles
John and Jen Bocchi, Sierra Smiles

Don’t Wait Another Day

The best time to prepare to sell is NOW. We’ll help you every step of the way.