Top 3 Supplements for Dentistry

Dental Consultation

When you got into dentistry, did you know that you were signing up to be a healthcare hero? Let’s face it: dentists are the most often seen healthcare practitioners in their patient’s lives. That makes you their frontline provider, with the unspoken responsibility for looking after their whole body health. Luckily, the connection between your […]

How To Handle Infection Control Breaches In Your Dental Practice

Mistakes happen every day in dental practices. Often times, these mistakes can lead to infection control breaches that can put you, your practice and your patients at risk. Infection control breaches occur in a variety of ways, some with minimal consequences and others with disastrous ones. Did you know that the 5 most common infection […]

Do You Make These Mistakes in Your Practice?

Dentistry is the only business that has a built in repeat business mechanism called our hygiene department. Even better, our moms and kind dentists visited our kindergarten classes and educated us that the right thing to do is see your dentist twice per year. Fram filters tried the same approach by saying you need to […]