Buy Your Dream Practice

Get the support and business know-how to make the most of your biggest financial venture ever.

Get a step-by-step implementation plan

Create a unified, motivated team culture

Be confident in your decision making

Buying a Practice Doesn’t Have to be Intimidating

We get it. Buying a practice can feel monumental…and downright scary.

It’s a valid worry. Making the wrong decision–buying the wrong practice–can send you backward, preventing you from ever getting a return on your investment, let alone the financial freedom you want for yourself and your family.

We’re here to help you not only get the business education you need to make smart financial choices, but also to help you build a practice culture that brings the existing team together, gives your patients the highest level of care, and helps you take your place as a confident, empowering leader. (All things they didn’t teach you in dental school!)

With the right coach by your side, you can build the practice you were meant to lead.

Do it Right the First Time

Our custom-designed coaching will help you build your ideal practice from the ground up.

Be Productive

You don’t have to waste time on the inevitable missteps that come from “figuring things out.” We’ll help you identify potential problems and avoid them.

Build a Team

Stepping into an existing team can be daunting. We’ll teach you how to unify and get your team on board with your vision so you can move forward together with even the most resistant team.

Meet Your Goals

With the right business model in place, you can skip the “just starting” phase, and head straight to meeting and exceeding your revenue goals.

Dr. Andrea Foley, Foley Dental Group
Dr. Andrea Foley, Foley Dental Group

You Don’t Have to Go It Alone

Buying a practice and then muddling through doesn’t have to be a rite of passage.

Get the goal-oriented, team-focused, profit-driving coaching you need for success.

Proven Systems

After working with more than 6,000 dental practices, we’ve learned what works and pass that knowledge on to you with systems for growth and sustainability.

Hands-on Support

You’re never alone! Your personal coach will work with you, your spouse, team leader, and entire team to lead and guide you through the program.

Customized Programs

With options for do-it-yourself, done-with-you, and done-for-you programs, you can choose the right fit for your needs.
Dr. Jeff Lowe, Lifetime Dental
Dr. Jeff Lowe, Lifetime Dental

Buy With Confidence

This is the beginning of a new chapter in your personal and professional life. We’ll help you make it the best one yet.