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Is There a Disconnect in Your Practice?

Chances are, you and your team want the same thing: a profitable practice that treats its team and patients well. But without the right leadership, communication, and team buy-in, no one wins.

At NextLevel Practice Australia, we’ll help you build your practice on a foundation of integrity and empowerment so you can form a cohesive team, employ powerful automations, and educate your patients on your important role in helping them achieve Complete Health.

Build a Better Practice

At NextLevel Practice, we’ll help you get the training, systems, and automations that you and your entire team need to create the practice you’ve always wanted.

Greater Unity

A practice is more than just you. We’ll help you acknowledge and include your spouse and employees to create an unstoppable team that’s united in the practice’s success.

Healthier Patients

With the Complete Health Program your patients will take action as they understand the connection between their oral and overall health.

More Time and Money

With the right systems and processes in place, you’ll have the freedom to enjoy more time with your family, higher profits, and the assurance you’re living your best life.

Stop Frustration and Overwhelm In Their Tracks

Your NextLevel coach will help you get back to what you do best.

Here’s how we do it:

leader team conference
leader team conference

Find the Potential

There is hidden revenue in your practice, and it all lies within your practice and existing patients.

Dig In With a Coach

Our proven strategies will help you implement a simple, predictable business model that takes you to (you guessed it) the next level.

Total Transformation

Revolutionize your practice and your life. You deserve to spend more time with your patients, your family and your hobbies.

Programs Offered


Jumpstart your success
Price- $995 AUD +GST

Although owning your own practice is an achievement in and of itself, you can’t help feeling that something is missing. All the things you thought you needed to do to grow aren’t working, leaving you not just feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, but downright bone tired.

The Launch program’s 2 laser-focused sessions will help you:

Break through your barriers with NextLevel Practice’s Launch Program.

We understand that the success of your practice doesn’t just affect you. That’s why we encourage your spouse and team leader to also participate in our coaching sessions so you can all feel confident in the way forward. 

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Hands-on support for the long term

You might know the direction you need your practice to take, but how do you actually get there? From bringing your team on board to implementing a new business model or methodology, you need someone who can not just teach you what to do, but to stand with you through the entire process.

The Leading Dentist Program will help you:

NextLevel Practice will be with you every step of the way.

With DIY, done-with-you, and done-for-you options, you can choose the level of support you need to bring lasting growth and change to your practice. Remember, it’s not about working harder–it’s about working smarter.

A Message From Andrew Gray

It’s interesting to observe that there is a common thread with dental practices and its owners. It’s the thread of “frustrations” that commonly appear in discussions around Australia. However what is evident is that the owners' frustrations are not always the same as their team members. There is often a disconnect between the two parties, which is probably the main influence of the frustrations.

The owners frustrations are typically:

  • Stress
  • My team just doesn’t seem to follow instructions
  • I always have to micromanage
  • The business is not making enough money
  • There is confusion within the practice
  • Everything just seems so overwhelming
  • Not enough time in the day to get it all done
  • No one will do it as well as I can
  • Things just aren’t smooth or consistent
  • I think I’m a great communicator

Yet, when the team share their frustrations, typically it will sound something like:

  • My boss does not acknowledge me
  • I never go home on time
  • I never have lunch
  • I’m not sure what I’m meant to be doing
  • Owners always seem to move the goalposts
  • There’s no direction or purpose in the practice
  • My boss doesn’t listen or have time for me
  • I have never been trained on what I’m meant to be doing
  • We just don’t seem to be on the same page
  • I think my boss is a poor communicator
The irony is, that both parties really want the same thing, yet the magnitude of the frustrations prevents the desires or wants that everyone is searching for to be achieved; to be acknowledged, to maintain consistency, minimal stress, a team driven practice, greater connections, an ideal day – happy patients, team happy, all go home on time, total responsibility taken, increased trust, strong systems, have total clarity and freedom, respect that goes both ways.

At NextLevel Practice Australia, we help you bridge the divide between you and your team so you can together create a profitable, frustration-free practice that helps you, your team, and your patients enjoy better lives.

I can’t wait to get to know you, learn about your frustrations, and help you find a way forward.
Andrew Gray
Founder, NextLevel Practice Australia

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