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Maximize Your Assets and Transition Your Practice on Your Terms with Gary Kadi and Bob Affleck

Are you struggling with…

  • How to determine the value of your practice?
  • What to do to get more out of your practice, especially 2-3 years ahead of time?
  • How to fine-tune systems in your practice to become healthy and profitable?
  • Why you should show a higher net income for your practice buyers?
  • Would it make more sense to sell outright and work as an associate or bring on an associate?

Get access to our On-Demand Webinars that will…

  • Get your house in order
  • Ensure everything is ready to go once you’re ready to sell in order to get a higher value out of practice
  • Fine-tune structure and finances, simultaneously
  • And more!

Presented By Two Elite World Authorities

Gary Kadi, Advocate, Author and expert in team empowerment and complete health business model implementation. Gary has increased collections by over $300 million from working with his clients, created over 50,000 hours in additional time off and over 6 million patients are healthier.

Bob Affleck, who has dedicated the past 30 years helping thousands of dentists; realize their dream of practice ownership, practice growth and leaving their legacy. His career has taken him from a practice finance specialist, practice management consultant and even a practice broker. He now sees himself as more of as an advisor and educator for dentists.

Experiencing the dental industry from all angles; has given Bob the expertise to help his clients from the beginning of their career to the end and everything in between.  Building relationships with my clients has been my greatest reward.

Throughout the years; he has created hundreds of educational business-related programs for dental societies such the popular Dental MBA Business Series; along with his popular course created for dental schools called “Pathway to practice ownership” Bob has also become a sought after speaker for Dental Societies, Study Clubs and Dental Schools.

On-Demand Webinar Library

Session 1:
Determining Your Expectations Realistically

Gary and Bob reassure and encourage all dentists that it is not too late. They encourage you to take control of your plan now so that you can work because you want to and not because you have to work.

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Session 1 | Determining Your Expectations Realistically
Session 3:
What does a Buyer Want? (What do you want…really really want)

In this session, Bob Affleck and I explore what are buyers looking for? Reality vs Expectations. What Sellers think their practice is worth and how Lenders approve and value a practice.

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Session 2 | What Are My Options?
Session 2:
What Are My Options?

Exploring the 5 Options available
to transition a practice.
Options at any age. It is all about knowing where you are now so you can retire on your own terms. Everything comes to an end… ready or not.

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Session 2 | What Are My Options?
Session 4:
Determine The Worth of What I Got and Get the Most I Can

In this 30 minute webinar,  Bob Affleck and I explore what the worth of your practice is in its current state. We answer the questions, how do I value my business? Who do I trust? What is the importance of having trusted advisors?

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