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The free kit includes:

Patient Education Kit

Transform How Patients View Their Oral Health

Watch case acceptance and return appointments skyrocket when patients understand the oral-systemic connection.

Your patients know they should get their teeth cleaned every six months…
but do they know WHY?

When patients understand that their oral health is directly connected to the treatment and prevention of systemic diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis and dementia, their motivation to accept treatments and make proactive appointments soars.

Together with CareCredit, we’ve created the Patient Education Kit to give you everything you need to begin teaching your patients about the oral-systemic connection, including the documents and forms that make implementing complete health dentistry a snap.

Once you establish yourself as a neighborhood health advocate, your patients will no longer view you as their drill and fill shop, but as a trusted source for proactive wellness care.

Portrait Of Dentist And Dental Nurse In Surgery
Oral Care

Forget “Fix-It”

Most people are conditioned to follow reactive care—understanding the oral-systemic connection shifts their entire mindset.

Pro Active Care

Fill Hygiene Holes

Fill up your RDA’s calendar with patients excited and motivated to participate in proactive care.

Treatment Plan

Bump Up Case Acceptance

When patients understand what’s really at stake, they’ll be much more willing to accept treatment plans.

Prevention = Growth

Retain patients and increase case acceptance using NextLevel Practice and CareCredit's FREE Digital Patient Education Kit. Educate your patients about why preventive care is essential to their whole-body health.

What you’ll get

(a $250 value)

Set of 13 digital educational health cards

This set of full-color printable cards covers how oral health relates to various chronic illnesses. Perfect for patients who are experiencing (or are at-risk for) any of these illnesses.

“Head to toe” digital reference card

Illustrate quickly and effectively how your patients’ current oral health directly affects different parts of their body. Print one out for every patient to use at their appointment and take home!

Conversation guides

Help your team be prepared to share the oral-systemic message. These digital conversation guides will teach everyone how to use the four Ps—positioning, pleasing benefits, proof story, and permission—to educate your patients in a clear, effective way.

Complete Health Dentistry fact sheet

Show your patients you’ve done your homework with this sheet of research and factual proof about the oral-systemic connection.

Feature-length educational documentary

Follow six families as they navigate the current healthcare landscape and find help where they least expect it: at their dentist’s office. “Say Ahh” is the first documentary on the oral-systemic connection.

12 minute “Say AHH” Lobby Loop

Start teaching your patients about the oral-systemic connection before they even enter your operatory. This 12-minute version of the longer documentary is a perfect conversation starter.

Turn Your Patients Into Your Biggest Fans

Healthy patients are happy patients.

smiling male middle aged dentist over medical office background

Prevent Disease

There’s more to your value than drilling and filling. Help patients understand that your care can help them avoid preventable diseases.

young woman doctor in medical dentist center

Promote Health

As your patients’ only preventative health professional, you can transform how they view true health.

Medical professionals smiling

Save Lives

We’re not exaggerating when we say that your preventative care can help save patients from life-threatening and life-altering illnesses.

The Value of Your Dentistry is Greater Than Your Patients Realize

A message from Gary Kadi, founder of NextLevel Practice

“Years ago, my dad had a heart attack and survived a quintuple bypass. At the time I was a dental business consultant and was working with a practice. Two days after my father’s surgery, I walked into that practice and the hygienist kindly said, “I’m sorry about your dad. How is his periodontal health?”

This single question changed the trajectory of my personal and professional life.

Until that moment, I didn’t truly understand the incredible impact the health of the mouth has on the overall body. The more I learned about the oral-systemic connection, the more I realized I didn’t have a big enough vision for the impact and the value that dentistry provides.

As a result, I’ve dedicated my life and career to developing a consistent systematic process to implement whole body health into practice.

What we’ve discovered is that the problems of a dental practice, from holes in the hygiene schedule and low case acceptance to low new patient acquisition and disengaged team members, all improve when you shift your context into a whole body health practice.

When your team and patients are committed to the “bigger picture”—the patient’s overall health and longevity—attaining and delivering oral health becomes exponentially more important and rewarding.

Together with CareCredit, we created the Digital Patient Education Kit to help you start on the path to a happier, healthier practice with happier, healthier patients. Using the materials in this free kit, you can start educating your patients and your team on the incredible power that preventative oral care can have on their health—both now and in the future.

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Gary Kadi

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