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Meet Our Team

Nicolle Medina

Coach | New York, New York

Prior to joining NextLevel Practice, Nicolle has had many years of personal development and personal coaching under her belt. She is passionate about making a difference for people and being of service. One of the things that inspired her to join NextLevel Practice is the company's transformational approach to growth and development, and the extraordinary results that are possible through the company's methodology. Having previously worked in the performing arts, Nicolle is deeply connected to people and strives to provide anything that will improve their quality of life and overall satisfaction and fulfillment. When she's not busy making a difference, Nicolle loves the outdoors and practicing meditation and techniques for mindfulness and well being.

Micky Chorny

Micky Chorny

Coach | New York, NY

Prior to joining NextLevel Practice in September of 2015, Micky began her coaching journey in the realm of Transformative Education. It was her personal training and development that ultimately led Micky to discover her strong passion and calling to become a professional coach. One of the things that really caught Micky’s eye in getting to know NextLevel was the Business-Dentistry-Transformation approach. Today, she is thrilled to be part of a team that empowers some of the best providers in the healthcare industry to live their most fulfilling lives with thriving teams and businesses. Micky loves being of service and bringing the party with her wherever she goes. She is a natural-born performer and studied musical theater in college. You should see her dance moves and listen to her sing karaoke!

Kendall Hussein

Coach | Vancouver, BC

Born and raised in beautiful Vancouver, Canada Kendall joined NextLevel Practice as a Coach with over eighteen years of experience in Dental Administration and Management. She previously worked as an Office Manager in a leading GP office and was a featured speaker for Invisalign.

Kendall is thrilled to be a part of a team that empowers the best healthcare providers and teams in the dental industry to live their must fulfilling lives.

She is passionate about Compete Health and the link between oral hygiene and systemic diseases. When she is not busy connecting with clients and teams you can catch her teaching one of the numerous fitness classes, she teaches each week or running around the park having fun with her 3 kids.

Amber Wessel

Amber Wessel, RDH

Coach   |  St. Louis, MO

Amber Wessel is a Registered Dental Hygienist with Master’s in Dental Hygiene Education. She has over 20+ years of experience in the dental field from receptionist, dental assistant, office manager to sales, administration, training and development and coaching. She is outgoing and has a passion for helping others find the best in themselves and knowledge for all dental roles and dynamics within a dental practice.

Amber lives outside of St. Louis, Missouri. She is married and has a black lab, Olive. She loves to learn about wine, food, and travel and taking Olive to dog parks.

Ashley Olson

Ashley Olson

Results Facilitator | Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Ashley was born and raised in the Midwest and is a proud graduate of Iowa State University. She served in social services and the health and wellness industries before joining our team as our NextLevel Community Liaison. Ashley loves providing unconditional compassion and support to our clients and team members to make a difference in the lives of others. If you want to see Ashley smile even more, ask her about studying abroad in Costa Rica. Her time there captured her love and appreciation for the Costa Rican culture and people. When the time is right, Ashley is already considering buying her own little patch of land and moving there.

Kelly Dahmer

Director | Denver, CO

Kelly understands the importance of building a community of like-minded thinkers. Her work is inspired by the dedication and commitment of our Complete Health Community to use medicine and dentistry to prevent chronic disease. It starts with changing how the public sees our work and the work of our colleagues in the field of dentistry. When she’s not busy building our brand, Kelly loves slipping away to the beach to soak up the sun or spike a volleyball.

Gina Arthur

Gina Arthur

Client Experience Manager | Phoenix, Arizona

Gina brings 20 years of customer service, sales, and management to NextLevel Practice. She previously served as a care provider within the hospitality, retail, and childcare industries. As a Client Experience Manager, Gina provides quality assurance by continuously monitoring, improving, and delivering on our commitments so our NextLevel clients are supported above and beyond their expectations. Those who know Gina can sense how she embodies the love, play, and respect within our team, and it’s the very approach that is helping change lives and the world through NextLevel. When she’s not busy creating amazing connections with our clients, Gina is often enjoying the outdoors. Her cooking skills with a cast iron pan over a campfire can create some pretty awesome meals.

Dianne Auger

Dianne Auger, CDA, RDH, BS

Events & Utilization Manager | Salt Lake City, UT

Dianne started in dentistry at the age of 17 when she went to her first dental appointment ever. Her family could not afford the bill, so she asked if she could work to pay off the balance. She started by cleaning the dental office and then switched to answering phones. She received her CDA before working as an assistant for eight years. She went back to school where she earned her B.S. in Microbiology and studied to be a Dental Hygienist. She became the Program Administrator for a Dental Assisting Program at a college where her efforts contributed towards earning program accreditation by the National Educational Board.

Dianne attended UNLV to experience a fellowship in Lasers. She opened her own Dental Assisting Academy and served on the State Board representing Dental Hygienists. Diane’s strength is the Industrial Occupational psychology side of our team and how we can work together in harmony. Dianne calls Las Vegas home where she and her husband of 27 years raised their two children.

Amber Keithley

Director of Product Development | Wilson, NC

Amber grew up in the Midwest and in dentistry. She started working in her parent’s dental lab from early on helping them make dentures and partials. After graduating and getting married, Amber pursued a career in the healing arts as a Massage and Bodywork Therapist for 25 years.

Amber previously worked for a startup company with a mission of reversing Type 2 diabetes with a ketogenic diet. Her work helped reverse her own Type 2 Diabetes and ignited her passion for complete body health by reducing inflammatory responses in the body.

Amber lives east of Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband Raymond. Her daughter and son-in-law live not too far away in beautiful, musical Nashville, Tennessee. Amber loves spending as much time as possible in the mountains glamping with her husband and friends.

Joanna Manzelli, CDA

Program Manager | New York, NY

A native of Boston, Joanna joined NextLevel Practice as a Practice Analyst with over fifteen years of experience in the dental and medical fields. She previously worked as a rising real estate agent and now brings her business and clinical expertise to our team.

Joanna believes deeply in Complete Health and the link between oral hygiene and systemic diseases. Besides dentistry, Joanna’s passions include music and fighting for the rights of the elderly and animals. She is also the owner of two spoiled Persian cats and in her free time, she can be found shooting a game of pool, throwing darts, or singing her heart out at a concert.

Justin Le Gendre

Justin Le Gendre

Digital Marketing & Events Coordinator | New York, NY

Prior to working on the NextLevel team, Justin aspired to be an actor/singer and later decided to pursue media in a more behind-the-scenes role. He started working in journalism and public relations 6 years ago and now serves as our Marketing and Events Coordinator. Justin loves art in all forms: from music to paintings, graphic design, photography, fashion, and the list goes on. Halloween is his favorite holiday, and yes, he does plan his outfit months in advance!

Jane Jenkins

Jane Jenkins

Executive Assistant | Scottsdale, AZ

Can we confess that Jane is one of our secret treasures? She has an unmatched enthusiasm and belief that complete oral care can transform countless lives. As a featured Executive Assistant, Jane embodies her vital role to make every day productive, enjoyable, and meaningful. With over 10 years of experience, Jane loves the opportunity to speak into significant marketing programs and project management while growing her knowledge base with grace and ease.

Her previous experience as an education advisor in the dental industry gives Jane invaluable insight into the challenges so many practices face. She is proud to be a part of our NextLevel Practice team and champion our values and goals for our clients to achieve. When she’s not busy working supporting our team’s success, Jane can be found painting, drawing, and expressing her creative genius. When she needs to refresh and unwind, Jane loves hiking the breath-taking Sonoran desert and spending time with family and friends.

Gary Kadi

Chief Executive Officer & Founder |  New York, NY

Gary Kadi is the visionary voice of NextLevel as a featured Educator and Advocate for Dentistry, Dentists, and Dental Teams. For the past 20 years, Gary has served the whole of the dental community around the world, from patients and practitioners to support staff, researchers, and representatives.

As a speaker, author, and researcher, Gary interrupts the status quo, shares discoveries and interests, and re-energizes audiences far beyond helping dentists implement systems and raise profit margins. He is inspired every day by the courage and personal successes of dentists and team members with whom he has the privilege of working and getting to know.

Gary experienced his latest breakthrough after years of studying the recurring challenges dentists face of team dynamics, finances, and patient issues. The business model dentists were fighting to fix was created by a non-business practitioner who could throw up a shingle and be successful. Gary discovered how to get dentists off the drill, fill, and PPO treadmill so they can run a thriving business.

In 2008, while watching a movie where they poked fun of dentists, Gary discovered his life’s mission: altering America’s health by transforming the way the public relates to dentistry. He created NextLevel Practice to implement the Complete Health Dentistry™ business model where teams willingly embrace and implement change, patients respect their treatment regiments, invest in their health, and doctors enjoy practicing the way they envisioned at their dental school graduation.

The team-driven Complete Health Dentistry™ business model takes any stagnating practice and rapidly reverses the situation into complete alignment with the practice’s values. Doctors and their teams are inspired by re-contextualizing their role in their patients’ COMPLETE HEALTH.

In 2013, Gary took the first step in mobilizing the Complete Health movement by producing “Say Ahh”, the world’s first documentary on oral health, through Partners in Complete Health.