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Dental Professionals must find ways to create ongoing relationships with people. The better you can educate the patients that come through your office, the more they become empowered to take charge of their own health. Patient education has been one of the most important supporting pillars of any successful dental practice. Dental professionals must educate their patients how to have overall health.

What Is The New Patient Engine?

The New Patient Engine is the easiest and most effective marketing plan that the dental profession has ever seen. This system is specifically designed to transform marketing for dental practices to make it easier to capture, convert and retain patients.

The New Patient Engine will save you 10-40+ hours a month on your marketing leaving you with more time and resources to do what you love most…caring for your patients.

The New Patient Engine includes:

  • Email Marketing
  • Automated Social Media
  • Event Registration
  • Leadpages
  • Newsletters
  • Autoresponders
  • Text Messaging
  • Print and Digital Resources
  • And So Much More!
New Patient Engine

The New Patient Engine consists of 3 powerful pillars
that every thriving practice needs.

These 3 New Engine Pillars include:

Your 60-minute Annual Marketing Plan
(that’s 12 months of marketing
in 60-minutes or less)

Patient Education

Your Patient Education System
(designed to drive business, increase case acceptance and empower your team and patients)

Your 6-Week Video Onboarding Series
(to empower new patients and
increase client retention)

Pillar #1

Your 60-Minute Annual Marketing Plan

The first pillar of the New Patient Engine includes your Annual Marketing Plan.  This is the #1 most valuable and powerful asset in your dental practice yet so many practices are struggling to create this plan let alone get empowered around it.

Why? Because of this one very real reason.

Building and maintaining a dental practice takes a lot of time, energy and resources. Over 30,000 small business owners have said that the dental marketing process can take up to 500 hours per year.  

Do you have an extra 500 hours a year?

We didn’t think so.  

With the New Patient Engine, this once daunting and overwhelming endeavor can now take you 60 minutes or less!  That’s right…60 minutes or less!  Imagine all the time, freedom and resources you will win back… time that you and your team can put towards better serving your patients.

Your Annual Marketing Plan includes Monthly Webinars, Quarterly Live Events, Semi-Annual Patient Appreciation Days, and Semi-Annual Referral Challenges…. all built, implemented and ready to uplevel your practice in just 60 minutes or less!

Discover The Power Of The New Patient Engine Yourself!

Starting At Only $271/month
(Save $$ With Our Annual Plan)

Pillar #2

Video Onboarding and Retention Generator

The second pillar of the New Patient Engine includes patient onboarding and patient retention.  

You only have one chance to make a first impression with your patients.  

How do you currently onboard new patients?

Do your patients understand what your practice stands for and how you can specifically help them achieve their oral health?   Do you provide your patients with the education they need to be a yes to treatment?

The New Patient Engine’s Video Onboarding and Retention Generator process helps new patients feel prepared and supported before their appointment.  They will receive a series of 6 educational emails and videos designed to empower them to keep appointments, arrive on time, know what to expect and already have confidence in you, your team and your dental care.

This onboarding process lets your patients know what to expect, which saves them time and enhances their experience.  They will feel more comfortable, trusting and open to accepting treatment from you before even stepping into your practice.   

While getting patients through the door is the first step, retaining them is the key to healthy patients and a thriving practice.

Once your patient has had their first appointment, the retention generator kicks in. During this phase, your patients will receive a series of 6 educational emails and videos that work to ensure your patient values and commits to their hygiene visit and treatment plan.

Pillar #3

MasterClasses With Dentistry Leaders For Your Patients and Community

The third pillar of the New Patient Engine includes education for you, your team and your patients.

Education is the key to true and lasting change.   However, putting together educational materials for your team and patients can take weeks if not months to prepare.

The All-In MasterClasses with Dentistry Leaders does all the preparation work for you!

Masterclass List

Our MasterClasses are live interactive online education experiences led by medical and oral healthcare specialists.

Learn cutting-edge tools, strategies, and topics from the very best that will empower you, your team, and your patients.  Our MasterClasses have been known to increase awareness around the latest scientific findings and inspire patients to take bold action towards their overall health!

We host, market, and record each MasterClass so the only thing you need to do is launch the campaign and tune in!  If your patients miss the live broadcast, a shareable link will be provided the following day.

Starting At Only $271/month
(Save $$ With Our Annual Plan)

New Patient Engine

Why You Need To Say “Yes” To The Engine!

Caring for your patients is your #1 concern. Let the New Patient Engine help give you more time to do that by reducing the time and money you spend on marketing.

The New Patient Engine Onboarding Pillar follows the 5 P System to acquire and empower new patients while keeping existing patients happy and healthy.

The 5 Ps To Patient Case Acceptance And Retention


Imagine patients not only keeping their appointments but arriving early and saying yes more often.


Imagine patients learning about why your practice is unique and being so proud that you are their Dental Provider they want everyone to know about you.


Imagine having your patients asking YOU key questions how you can help them have a healthier smile.


Imagine growing and maintaining your patient base because they learn about why it’s important to come back.

Pain Relief

Imagine your exams more effective for case acceptance and profitability.

Benefits include:

  • More patients
  • 5-Star Patient Experience
  • Patient Retention
  • Patient Referrals
  • Patient Case Acceptance
  • Amazing Culture In Your Practice
  • An Annual Marketing Plan In Under 60-Minutes
  • And more!

Starting At Only $271/month
(Save $$ With Our Annual Plan)


Starting At Only $271/month
(Save $$ With Our Annual Plan)