From EBIT-DUH to Expert:

The Top 3 ways to avoid EBIT-Don'ts in your practice

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One Formula Can Maximize Your Practice’s Value

Learn how pumping up your EBITDA can create generational wealth.

If you’re like many small business owners, payday probably goes something like this:

You pay your team.

You pay your bills. 

And maybe, just maybe, if there’s enough left over, you pay yourself.

And while that may seem like the only way you can make things work, let us tell you a secret:

Paying yourself last isn’t just hurting your lifestyle, savings, and morale…it’s hurting your practice’s value.

If you want to move beyond just having a “job” at your practice, there’s an important formula you need to master: EBITDA.

When you harness the power of a strong EBITDA, you don’t just get paid what you’re actually worth, you also start thinking differently, helping your practice’s value grow, and opening yourself up to incredible opportunities. 

It’s not just about earning dollars of profit, but 10x-ing your dollars into wealth.

Our free, virtual event will help you:

Improve your valuation by actually paying yourself

Run a more profitable business

Leverage dormant equity to create exponential rewards

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Register now to learn how to:

Know your worth:

If you want a strong practice value, paying yourself last simply isn’t an option. Learn how much you should be paying yourself and why that makes your practice stronger.

Build your top line:

You already have the pieces in place to increase revenue--it’s hiding in your current patient base! We’ll help you calculate and achieve your potential (significantly higher) revenue.

Create generational wealth:

The current industry consolidation has created a once-in-an-industry opportunity to leverage your practice’s equity and profit not once, but twice. We’ll show you how.

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Meet Your Presenters

Pamela M. Maragliano-Muniz, DMD FACP


Dr. Pam Maragliano-Muniz is the chief editor of Dental Economics. Based in Salem, Massachusetts, Dr. Maragliano-Muniz began her clinical career as a dental hygienist. She went on to attend Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, where she earned her doctorate in dental medicine. She then attended the University of California, Los Angeles, School of Dental Medicine, where she became board-certified in prosthodontics. Dr. Maragliano-Muniz owns a private practice, Salem Dental Arts, and lectures on a variety of clinical topics.

Gary Kadi


Gary has worked to empower dentists for more than 20 years. He realized that dentists rely on a broken business model that focuses on attracting new patients instead of engaging and educating current ones. After years of studying the recurring challenges that dentists face (team dynamics, finances, high patient turnover, etc), he created NextLevel Practice and the Complete Health Dentistry model.

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Ready to unlock wealth? EBITDA is the key.

With a few purposeful changes, you can create a high-performing practice that creates wealth that will last for generations.

This event is right for you if:

You’re always putting yourself last

You’ve heard the buzz around EBITDA but aren’t sure what to do

You want to make the most out of your practice’s equity

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