Our Platform – NextLevel Practice

Our Platform

Our GABEWORKS software and learning management systems are designed to be the guardian of the private practitioner’s lifestyle. We want you to play hard so you can work easy. The NextLevel Practice system works if you work it. You can use our online portal for team training, practice metrics, and coaching. Make the commitment and you can look forward to increased profitability, work-life balance and a happy team.


What You Can Expect:

  • Increased Case Acceptance
  • Patient Retention
  • Perfected Patient Experience
  • Systemized Success Process
  • Engaged Team Members

Gamify Your Practice

Play to win! Our platform shows you how to use your practice metrics to motivate each other and go for the gold. Benchmark yourself against the best of the best in the industry. Have fun and win the game!

Accountability Coaching

Keeps you on track just like a personal trainer! Our platform supports you and your team every step of the way to keep you motivated, committed and taking consistent action. Interact with it to get personal guidance and motivation to meet your goals.

Behavior Dashboard

Our platform helps you keep score. You can’t win the game unless you have a scoreboard. You will see your daily stats and how your performance is impacting results.

Engaged Learning

Train your brain. Champions show up to practice. It’s the only way to up their game. You’ll have access to the best collection of educational resources for dental practices anywhere. From instructional videos to live virtual classes, we’re everything you need for performance training.

At NextLevel, We Believe:

  • The future of dentistry depends on private practitioners.
  • Proven processes and systems are essential to duplicating success.
  • Information without implementation has no value.
  • Dental practices should be fun and profitable.

New NextLevel Products

NextLevel Practice is now offering four program levels, each tailored to fit unique types of Practices. Each program offers progressively more customized levels of support and access to our in-house experts to keep you growing and winning.

What I love most about the NextLevel Platform is watching the videos on my own time. The service and support I receive from NextLevel and the team is five stars.
The NextLevel Platform is easy to navigate and the resources available are awesome. I love having the prompt support from the NextLevel team.