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Drill Deeper

There are several different ways to gain access to NextLevel's content, philosophy and customized, monthly and annual implementation programs.

Most practitioners have read one of Gary's articles in Dentistry Today, Dental Economics, Profitable Dentist, or Dental Entrepreneur to name a few. Others may have heard him featured on a podcast, tuned in to a monthly webinar, watched him speak at a live event or have read Million Dollar Dentistry.

Doctors get their start with the Launch program. This one month, low cost, money back guarantee course gets you clear on specific measurable outcomes, opens your eyes to opportunities with a complete diagnostic of metrics, opportunities, and team culture. Together, we create a plan for step-by-step implementation. 

Then, most dental teams chose one of three implementation programs depending on your practice size and need for coaching support.

The Three Year Curriculum takes a practitioner from Standard Dentist to Complete Health Dental Team in year one. Year two is built around Gary's second book, Raise Your Healthy Deserve Level, which moves dental teams away from sabotage and allows for continued success through adding a Hygienist and/or Associate. Year three focuses on moving from Entrepreneur to Dental CEO where the doctor owner can spend less time chair side and chose to take more time off or create new expansion goals, such as buying additional practices and overseeing operations.