ACTION! Setting up the Treatment Consult Room

Whether you have a Treatment Consult Room already set up in your practice or not, the standards below will help you create a space that is safe, confidential and educational for your patients.

It is crucial to have a dedicated room for your Treatment Consultations to take place between your patients and your Treatment Coordinator. If you have multiple doctors and many hygienists you will want to have at least two.

This private space allows your Treatment Coordinator to review treatment plans comprehensively with patients and in turn, allows patients to ask personal questions regarding the treatment or finances. This private, one-on-one area is more ideal for all parties to be successful in moving forward with treatment as opposed to in front of the busy waiting area! Having a dedicated consult area is imperative to the success of the Complete Health Model. 

If there is not enough physical space, some doctors convert their office or an extra large closet.

Necessary tools & resources to have in the Treatment Consultation Room are:
  • A computer to review treatment plans, intraoral photos & x-rays
  • A printer to print treatment plans, intraoral photos & x-rays
  • A telephone
  • Oral Systemic Health Cards (Order Here)
  • Patient folders to hold printed paperwork (reference 2nd bullet), business and referral cards, 3rd party financing paperwork, etc.

Ultimately, patients need to feel cared for. You want the room to feel warm, inviting and safe.  If the patient feels they are in a situation where they are not comfortable discussing their personal health, there’s a good chance they will lose trust, opt to call you later, or use any excuse to go home and not accept the treatment they need for optimal oral health. Once they leave your practice, the odds of case acceptance fall dramatically!