Do well while doing good

You believe in, and have been practicing, oral systemic health and now it's time to get your team and patients on board.  

Having your practice set up to consistently educate your patients on something so intangible and preventive is a common challenge that all oral systemic practitioners face.  

Being a part of a mission to elevate dentistry and collaborate with medical doctors has been an ongoing challenge as well.  

Learn how to get your team and patients on board, and partner with medical doctors.  

Our meta-data of a thousand practices and 6 million treatment plans, shows that only 8% of patients are presented perio treatment and only 4% accept. This has got to change - and you can do something about it.  

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Past Presidents of AAOSH utilize the NextLevel Methodology in their private practice and here is what they have experienced:  

“‘NextLevel’ aptly describes the Kadi model for practice development. Oriented around the core foundation of Complete Health, Gary Kadi and his team models teach and empowers myself and my team to align our central philosophy, integrity and clinical approach to truly reach the Next Level. The Kadi model gives me the coaching and accountability and leadership training I need within my practice to win my game and the confidence to make it happen.”

G. Lee Ostler, DDS- AAOSH President

“Million Dollar Dentistry has become our “go-to” manual for massive success. Gary has reengineered the terrible business model of dentistry into a clear and simple recipe for continued success. Thank you, Million Dollar Dentistry, for providing a framework that has empowered our team to knock our goals out of the park, month after month!”

Susan Estep, DMD- Co-Founder of AASOH

“In the past year and a half, we had the great fortune of tripling our practice when we started on a process about a year and a half ago with Gary Kadi, which got us on the path. We started focusing on relationships, connections, team work, getting our practice in line, getting more organized, and it’s been very helpful for us.”

Dan Sindelar, DMD- AAOSH

"We have had MANY consultants, and Gary is the best consultant we have ever had, especially when it comes to implementing a sustainable oral systemic patient education and bonus system. His information is excellent. I thank him for all he does for dentistry and for the oral-systemic movement."

Mike Milligan, DMD- AAOSH

One of our enrollment advisors will contact you with the next steps appropriate for your practice.

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